Sony HMZ-T1 Review

I just recently bought this bad boy:

Sony HMZ-T1
Sony HMZ-T1

Sony HMZ-T1. It’s a fully 3D capable video display headset capable of outputting 720p through 2 OLED lenses. Here is my review.

I live in an apartment so I can’t bring a 42incher in, its just a studio so space is a premium. So I was deciding between this thing and a 3D projector for playing games / watching movies. I decided on this for a few reasons:
1) looks cool, no one else has these and enhances my geek factor
2) 3D projector + 3D glasses + 3D converter is about $1200+ for a decent setup. This is $800 in comparison.
3) this takes up almost no room at all. No room needed for projecting anything either. It’s just a headset.

So having used it for a few days here are my thoughts:
1) It takes a while to adjust the headset so that its comfortable. Mainly, you can’t stand up with this for too long. I can use this with my PS Move semi-reclining, but fully standing up is not possible due to being so front heavy. I mainly use this lying down on my bed, and after 3 hours your forehead will begin to get uncomfortable.
2) Picture quality is pretty amazing. I’ve used the Myvu Crystal viewer before so I’ve used these HUDs before, but these OLED screens are fantastic. Picture is bright and clear. Its like having a 75 inch TV in front of you, but you can still see the edges.
3) Light guard is annoying to put on, and you pretty much always need to have it to block light. So why didn’t Sony just build this in? When would I ever NOT use the light guard? Its annoying to fit that thing in.
4) 3D quality is good. Some other reviewers say its the BEST, and I would say things don’t pop up that much, but its true there’s no ghosting or anything. I haven’t tried other 3D viewers so maybe this is the best and I’m just expecting too much. I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon, played Uncharted 3 and some scenes were indeed quite immersive. but overall 3D is underused in most movies and games.
5) Audio quality is good. The surround is pretty amazing. There were times I thought MY phone was ringing or someone was knocking on MY door. But it was just the game.
6) Great integration with SONY PS3. I just plug in the HDMI and I’m good to watch movies and play games. You’d most want to use it with a PS3 anyways, I don’t think hooking it up to a PC will be optimal experience.

Overall – is it worth $800? For single guys like me who play alot of single player games and watch movies by themselves and live in a studio – yes this is amazing. You cannot find a 75″ 3D TV and 5.1 SS setup for only $800. On the other hand – if you constantly have friends over, play Wii a lot, watch movies with the gf or what not, this isn’t a good option. Just get a TV or use a computer monitor or projector instead. That’s my 2 cents. 4 stars. The only problem I have with it is the inability to use it standing up or for longer periods of time.


2 responses to “Sony HMZ-T1 Review”

  1. Why can’t you use them standing up? Do they make you dizzy?

    Forgive me if those are dumb questions, but I didn’t know that these things existed.

  2. Because its front heavy – the front part of the headset will slide down ur face so u can’t use them standing up.

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