So far, two billion dollars has been pledged to restore Notre Dame Cathedral. Some people say there are more important ways that money could be used to improve people’s lives. Which side of the issue is right?

It’s a little big frustrating for me, personally.

Not so long ago, I lost my life savings in a crypto currency exchange scam. Software Engineer Loses Life Savings in Quadriga Imbroglio in fact this is the first article you will see when my name is Googled. over $500k I lost.

And yes, while I do admit errors of judgment, this wasn’t the typical investment loss where you ‘only invest what you can afford to lose’ in this case I was trying to get my money from Canada back to the US and I was seeking a way to do it without paying commission. So what was a “clever” move I thought at the time – why not use crypto currency to do it? – turned out to be a disaster.

I only kept bitcoin in my account for less than 30 seconds. I sold it immediately to CAD (Canadian Dollars) and asked to withdraw my money to my bank account. QuadrigaCX (the crypto exchange) kept lying to me telling me oh you’ll get your money within a few weeks after this CIBC lawsuit is done. and I believed them. I kept waiting, and waiting. Until BAM Jan 31 comes along – and they declare they have been insolvent for a long time.… they scammed me and over 100k other users.

What does that have to do with the Notre Dame Cathedral issue? Well on Binance, they had a donation fundraiser for it.

Now there’s no problem with this – except that I figured, since the crypto community apparently have millions to donate to the wealthy Catholic Church who already have billions of dollars in donations already – maybe they could spare a couple grand for the QCX users who lost their money in the crypto exchange scam?


No sympathy at all. Apparently the crypto community sees us QCX victims as ‘since we put our money in a crypto exchange, we deserve to lose it all’. That’s kind of ironic considering these comments are from the Binance community who themselves use a crypto exchange to hold their coins.

r/Buttcoin – Butter loses life savings of $420,000 USD while trying to convert it to Canadian Dollars using QuadrigaCX

^There’s an entire Reddit thread devoted to making fun of me and my losses.

My faith in humanity decreases everyday. These are the assholes who will apparently save a burning building but NOT save the people inside the burning building. That’s the sad reality. Now I understand how homeless people must feel – these wealthy patrons donating millions of dollars to charities but will not spare a single cent for the humans they see suffering in front of them. Shows you just how cruel reality is.

Edit: it seems that some people missed the point of this post. I was asking for a donation. I wasn’t forcing people to give me money. I wasn’t trying to feel entitled to any of their money. I don’t expect others to bail me out of a stupid investment decision. Do not victim blame please. (Thats why I disabled comments on my youtube video about this because everyone blamed me, the victim. I always find it funny that when a big organization asks for money people are ok with it, but when I ask for money I am being selfish and greedy. What the heck?)
The point of this post is to highlight the hypocrisy of people who feel like they are being all Good Samaritans helping rebuild the cathedral or donating to some charity and then as soon as an actual person (not organization) needs help they turn their back on them and wont even spare a single penny. That’s all. And sure it’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it, but don’t talk about yourself as if you are such a good angel for helping out people in need, donating to all these charities when you know thats a lie. You gave money to big organizations like UNICEF, United Way, Salvation Army etc but when an actual person in need came up to you you turned them away. That’s what I hate.