North Korea vs South Korea

This actually isn’t a clear cut rhetorical question as it seems. South Korea has a massive dark side to it.

North Korea benefits:

-live life simply and freely like it was the 1950s

-gender equality is better in North Korea. Women can serve in the army for example

-You don’t have to study 16 hours a day or live your life as a robot to get into a SKY school and work for Samsung only to suicide when you are forced to retire early or get alcohol poisoning from all those 회식

-You aren’t under pressure to wear makeup or do plastic surgery

-You care about the survival of your family and friends as it is a top priority and there’s no materialism or superficial-ness in society

-free shelter, education and healthcare

South Korea benefits:

-No risk of execution by the state – although you are at risk of executing yourself (suicide)

-You can watch Kpop and Kdramas

-You *can* get rich though in practice it is extremely difficult to get rich in South Korea

-2nd most prostitutes per capita in the world, motels and nightclubs everywhere. nightlife is unparalleled.

-electricity, internet, food etc is plentiful and fast

I dunno.. you decide which Korea is Best Korea