New Years – and goal de-chieved… of course

I knew that the relationship was too good to be true.. sure enough *exactly* 2 weeks later, we broke up.

I knew it was going to happen, I knew it was too good to be true, and how it happened would probably blow your mind. Here’s the story:

I met my ex-gf a mere 2 days before I went back to Toronto to visit my parents. The worst timing ever. Then I tried to keep a long distance relationship with her while I was with my family. I was originally scheduled to come back today, but I scheduled to come back earlier, on Dec 30 instead so that I could spend time with her on New Years Eve. She had an appointment with her friend that day but rather than cancelling that appointment, she asked if I could meet together with her and I said yes. I also tried to invite my friend to meet up with her so that we could be 4 people. My friend suddenly couldn’t make it cause he was sick that day.
So I met up with her, and then after drinking at a bar my gf asked if she and her friend could sleep over at my place. So I said yes, of course and brought them over. Then when I was looking at my phone, her friend suddenly became paranoid and asked to see the phone cause she thought I was taking weird pictures of her. I said no because I didn’t want her to see everything on my phone.
Then, she got mad and called the police. Seriously, because I wouldn’t show her my phone. Then the police came, I was forced to turn the phone over to her, and the police and her deleted all the pictures from my phone. I was so confused. Why did she do that?
Then the next day (on New Years thats right) because her friend was really mad at me, my gf broke up with me because her friend told her some lies about me and she of course believed her childhood friend instead of me cause she only knew me for 2 weeks.
It was because of her crazy friend that we broke up. Had I taken my original flight, had I met my gf by herself, had my friend not been sick and able to make it, had any of those things happened, I would still have a gf now.
Instead, I ran into the same “relationship curse” that has plagued me all my life, with none of my relationships lasting more than a few weeks for some stupid reason or another.

I think this story ranks up there with the time I booked a flight to Vancouver to have a girl stand me up last minute and the time I was walking with a girl to a restaurant last Valentines day and she suddenly got mad and walked away from me in terms of the ‘wtf why is my life like this?’ moments.

Yeah… well anyways I’m back to the usual trying to make a new gf now… seriously… why does this stuff happen to me?





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