My current state of affairs

Okay, so some of you may or may not be wondering where the heck did I disappear to, did I suddenly leave the Earth or maybe I was ignoring some people.

Firstly, to clarify:
-I am working co-op and summer school during weekdays. This means that I’m not available 40 hours of the week.

And my situation:
-I’m looking for a software developing/Website designing job currently. It might seem easy because I’m in software engineering but you have to understand that most of these positions require a certain amount of experience, and while I have designed websites in the past, they are now defunct. What’s more, I need a place to start in terms of getting experience, but all the positions I apply for require me to have experience already. This puts me between a rock and a hard place.

-I need to raise my GPA above 3.0. It is necessary so that next year I will have a better chance of getting into what I want be it PEY, FLC mentor or a job in the US. This is certainly not easy, being that 3rd year is seen as the hardest. But I will have to really pull out all the stops, something I lacked in second year, and pay more attention to the details and get a more productive work habit.

-I am in financial trouble. With the US economy in recession and affecting us, food and gas prices going up, added to the fact that I need a working job, this only detracts from my other goals. Heck, I’m even struggling to return to my old call center position…

So yeah things aren’t looking up, that’s why I rarely talk to people on MSN or on Facebook anymore, just cause I need to think about and do something about these issues I’m having. Peace out.

-Tong Zou






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