Movie producers must be running out of ideas. A short review of contemporary films.

I seriously have not seen even one original movie the past few years. All recycled pieces of junk with little pieces of filler and regurgitated information thrown about. For example, we must ask ourselves how many more movies starring owen wilson, steve carrel, vince vaughn, luke wilson, jack black, will ferrel and ben stiller must there be (in case you didn’t know, those aforementioned actors always appear in comedies with each other). I’m not gonna bother naming all the poorly-conceived movies that has to (inevitably) star them in it. World trade center is about an event that happened 5 years ago. Sure it shook the world, but 6,000 deaths is nothing when the world has already lost 60 million people during WWII. Another movie capitalizing on recent events in the trend of titanic and pearl harbour. Animated movies like barnyard or over the hedge are just shrek-wannabes if you ask me. John tucker must die is another movie for those teens and preteens just aching to see another caucasian hunk turned jerk who manages to snag 3 dates in one night. I mean seriously, don’t we get enough of that everyday, and we don’t really need a movie made about it do we? Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing a movie documenting mel gibson’s fall from grace or paris hiltons perennial breakups or lindsay lohan’s attempts to divert attention to her. Seriously though, Mr.Spielberg and crew, I really expect better from you.






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