Minimalism – enjoying the simple life

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

I got inspired from some articles I read about Japanese minimalism, and living in a pretty nice but small apartment with the basic stuff and keeping material things to a minimum.

I know, I’ve spent ALOT of money this year, with 36% of my spending according to Mint going to shopping. And thats yeah… pretty unnecessary. I have too much stuff. I’m looking to move to a smaller apartment next week and sell a bunch of my things. As Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Christmas AKA Consumerism season approaches I find myself resisting this as much as I can.

Korea kind of inspired me too, as I see nice happy couples walking around all the time, or relaxing in the park with just a $300 laptop and $10 headphones with their significant other, being happy, enjoying their time, the guy probably doesn’t make that much money and lives with his parents (as is usual in Korea) and the girl is probably not that materialistic (Korean girls have never asked me about my salary or how much I make or where I graduate from or carry designer handbags or anything).

Its just proof that happiness comes from the small things in life, you don’t need a mansion or an oceanview apartment of $10k worth of tech or furniture to be happy. You only need the basic essentials.

This is why I prefer Korea over China or USA. Those countries are so focused on making money and consumerism – to the detriment of everything else. Case in point – the “singles/couples day” in China is essentially just a day to go shopping. Whereas in Korea, singles or couples spend their time together, which is exactly what that day is supposed to be for.

Moving to a smaller place is also better. My current place is both too expensive and gives me too much room to have things… I like the restrictions of a smaller place. You have to decide what things are important to keep so that the place looks clean and neat and doesn’t get as messy. In a way it forces me to be more minimalist.

my current apartment
my current apartment

So as you can see my current place is not that big either, but it could be even smaller than that, I think. I don’t like big places (they are good for house parties tho!) generally because I feel like I have to use up all the space somehow. I have to use up the space efficiently. In Korea, almost everyone lives in a small condo or apartment so I’m all good here. Anyways I have to look for a new place, and sell some of my stuff… and hopefully have a much cleaner, neater place to live in.