Migrating everything to Github

I’ve migrated (open sourced) a bunch of my portfolio projects and media articles to Github. The reasons for this are:

-Github is being used as cloud storage for all my lifetime work
-Anyone can clone, fork and contribute to my repos (for example if you want to add sheet music to my sheet music repo)
-Users can checkout, view source or download the raw files, rather than having to un-rar the packaged files
-Github allows downloading of repos in a zip file anyway
-Github can be continually expanded and has no storage limit (unlike Dropbox or Box.net)
-Every file has ownership, timestamp and an audit trail

You’ll notice a Github Repo link on the menubar now.

Migrated repos
Sheet Music
Old web projects (includes DBZ, Chrono Trigger, Liero, Porfolio, UTFOCUS, Japanime)
Essays and Articles
Divine Requiem
Data Extraction tools
UofT College Projects
Stock Simulator

Eventually, I’m gonna start putting a lot of downloaded non-copyrighted music, videos, FAQs, documents, and whatever else I’m willing to share from my old hard drives in the hopes of sharing them with everyone rather than keeping them to myself 🙂





2 responses to “Migrating everything to Github”

  1. LMyx Avatar

    thanks for visiting my blog 😀 have a great day!

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    I never realized that github was useful for anything other than code! I hope that not too many people find out, otherwise they’ll start imposing space limits! 😛

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