Mid year update – how am I doing?

I just realized I haven’t made a real blog post update since Feb this year. Every post since was a Quora answer. that’s my bad. Partly the reason is because I haven’t really had much to update with since. 

So first thing is I moved to Vancouver, BC in March of this year. There’s several reasons why, most of them are related to my awful year last year:

  1. I’ve wanted to move to Vancouver since beginning of 2016 
  2. I took out 3 loans at the beginning of 2018 and dumped it all into crypto – stupidest decision ever – and because of the crypto crash, ended up putting over half my paycheck into paying down my loans each month. This wasn’t sustainable as in addition to my mortgage interest I would have no disposable income for the next 3 years. 
  3. San Francisco was a desolate lonely place for me especially after my close friends Patrick moved to LA with his new gf, my friendship with my former close friend Ethan soured, and my remaining close friend Tony couldn’t hang out as much since he lived in another city. Breaking up with my gf later in the year just made matters worse. 
  4. I wanted to quit my old job at Spigit. I didn’t enjoy it, there was meaningless work for me everyday, I wasn’t learning anything, my co-workers weren’t that bright, and I felt I was being treated unfairly there. However quitting my job meant my TN visa would no longer be valid and I would have to get a new one to change jobs. I didn’t want to go through the border interrogation again.
  5. It was the right time to sell my house as I had wanted a break from work (and quit it), needed the money to pay off those stupid loans, wanted to see my (ex)gf badly at the time (sadly we broke up right before I went back to Korea), in addition to taking my capital gains and transferring it back to Canada to make a 30%+ gain to take advantage of the exchange rate (this didn’t work out either as you know the QuadrigaCX scam ruined that). 
  6. I was getting older and thought Canada would be a better place to settle down 
  7. I thought there would be more Korean girls in Vancouver so there would be an easier chance for me to make a Korean gf there, at least compared to SF
  8. San Francisco living was getting too expensive while the salaries remained stagnant. Still I would taking a paycut when I moved back to Vancouver, but I naively thought it would be ok since I would have the gains from selling my house (this didn’t pan out because I got scammed while trying to move my money back to Canada)

So, my Vancouver life didn’t turn out to be as great as I planned. 

  1. Things in Canada are always more expensive (even accounting for exchange rate) and harder to get than in the USA 
  2. There are definitely more Korean girls here than in SF, but it doesn’t matter too much because too many guys are hitting on them here, and most of the girls here are just students who end up dating Korean guys at their language school anyways. This was basically SF circa 2012-2014 and I didn’t have much luck getting a Korean gf back then either.
  3. I have to save up for an apartment again. I foolishly thought I was going to have a nice condo as soon as I came to Vancouver since I sold my SF apartment. I didn’t plan on getting scammed of all my money. So, this combined with the fact that my crypto portfolio is mostly composed of altcoins which continue to stagnate (in comparison to BTC which went up 3x since beginning of the year) basically means that I have financial issues going on right now and have to rent a small one room apartment with a really strict landlord. Not exactly what I planned.
  4. I don’t have any close friends in Vancouver – at least in SF I had Tony – in Vancouver I have no one and it seems going to meetups and stuff like that doesn’t really help. And add to the fact that I work at home so I’m not really close to coworkers either means I am basically friendless here. 

So I’ve been mostly just as depressed as I was in SF. Not a very big improvement. That’s why I had to find a way to get myself back to Korea again so I can live again like I did back in 2015 and 2016 – I really missed those times, back when I was able to meet different people, dating girls, had money, had fun, was happy, had an apartment – I was living the life back then. 

So here I am – in Korea since July (reason I took so long is because I was waiting to apply for a travel credit card so I can get extra miles when I book the flight and airbnb), and although I can’t live here 2 years like I did before (I don’t have an apartment to rent out anymore + need to go back to SF to visit my company) – at least I can stay here for 2-3 months a year and that’s definitely better than the mere 2 weeks I got with my previous company.

And it’s been really fun, I’ve been living just as I did before – sleeping in daytime and working at night, meeting all my Korean friends, dating girls (actually dated 5; three I wasn’t really that interested in, but two of them I did have interest in), having fun, just like I did back then. I have many more girls interested in me here (and that I’m interested in) than back in Canada or US; I haven’t dated a girl in US or Canada since 2014; it’s just far easier for me to find a girl in Korea. For a few months out of the year, I can live like I did back then and be happy again. The only problem is I know this is all temporary and I’ll have to come back to reality after next month, but I intend to enjoy my time in Korea as long as I can before going back to that prison again.








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