Magic the Gathering: Top 10 greatest white cards of all time

Continuing on from blue cards… now we come to white cards! White has not historically been a powerful color – but it has had dominant cards at certain times. White is all about defense, life gain, efficient creatures, and control. This is my top 10:

10. Mother of Runes
Mother of Runes is the best one drop white has had, period. She protects any of your creatures, and does it all for one mana. Efficient and powerful, what more do you want?

9. Replenish
The cornerstone of a major deck back in the day, replenish returns all enchantments from your graveyard to the battlefield for a mere 4 mana. Many combos have been built with this card as the engine, and many game have been won in the same fashion. How do I get those enchantments? see the next card…

8. Enlightened Tutor
One mana to tutor for any artifact or enchantment, at instant speed. Fast, convenient, efficient, and unfortunately restricted in every format its legal in (for a good reason).

7. Armageddon
A very powerful card, especially for white weenie decks. I put out a bunch of creatures, blow up all your lands, and good luck trying to win. Game over.

6. Land Tax
A one mana enchantment that lets me thin my deck and search for 3 lands every turn. Kind of unfair isn’t it? Fortunately, its only legal in Vintage.

5. Moat
Probably the greatest defense enchantment ever printed. 2WW, and non flying creatures can’t attack. Single handedly shuts down elf decks, and other decks with non flying creatures, forcing them to find a way to kill the enchantment.

4. Orim’s Chant
One mana to stop you from casting spells for a turn, and an additional mana to stop your attack. It’s probably the most efficient and effective defense spells ever printed. Gets even better with Isochron Scepter.

3. Swords to Plowshares / Path to Exile
The single most efficient kill spell ever printed. One mana to exile any creature. Pure and simple.

2. Wrath of God
The most efficient and widely used mass kill spell ever printed. 4 mana, destroy all creatures, they can’t be regenerated. Like the previous card, beautiful, powerful and simple.

1. Balance
Its the most powerful white card ever printed. For 2 mana, Balance kills creatures, lands, and hands. It can singlehandedly win the game for you against n opponents. There’s a reason its restricted/banned in every format its legal in.





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