Magic the Gathering: Top 10 greatest red cards of all time

Continuing on from green cards… now we come to red cards! Red is the color of direct damage, hastiness, and destruction. Here is my top 10 list:

10. Bonfire of the Damned
This is a relatively new card on the list, but I feel tempted to put it here because its so good. Its basically a single sided Earthquake, and who wouldn’t love that?

9. Flametongue Kavu
One of the best red creatures ever printed, he comes on the field for 4 damage – almost guaranteeing a kill, AND he’s a 4/2 creature. That’s what I call a bargain.

8. Goblin Piledriver
The most aggressive creature of Goblin decks, this guy is a powerhouse. Along with a horde of other goblins, he can be lethal as early as turn 3.

7. Ball Lightning
The first direct damage creature, its basically RRR for 6 damage, which is always a good deal. If you kill creatures that get in the way, even better.

6. Chain Lightning
This is basically 1. except its a sorcery, and a minor drawback of the opponent being able to copy it if he’s red. Oh well. One mana, three damage.

5. Incinerate
A very strong card, even though its two mana. It’s instant speed and prevents creatures from regenerating, and has had a big impact on the metagame in the past.

4. Grim Lavamancer
One mana for the most efficient red creature ever. Better late game than early, he re-uses dead cards in your graveyard for Shocks instead, giving you card advantage.

3. Goblin Lackey
One of the best goblins ever printed, this guy puts out free goblins as early as turn two. And many times those goblins are Siege-Gang Commanders and the like. At which point they’ve already lost.

2. Wheel of Fortune
Red gets to draw cards? Never mind, 7 cards?? This is the red mage’s best tool for refilling their hand for more damage.

1. Lightning Bolt
Is there any direct damage spell more efficient than the original? One red mana, three damage, instant speed. Takes out players, creatures and planeswalkers. Simple and devastating, and a common to boot!