Magic the Gathering: Top 10 greatest multicolored cards of all time

Continuing on from red cards… now we come to multi-colored cards! Since multi-colored cards do so many things – since they are a fusion of many colors, its hard to characterize a single color combination. Here’s my top 10:

10. Spiritmonger
One of the greatest creatures ever printed. 5 mana for a 6/6 is already unfair. But having regeneration, avoiding protection, and growing every time it does combat is just insane.

9. Meddling Mage
The combo stopper, this card has inspired numerous others based on banning certain named cards from entering the field or being activated. The precursor for cards like Pithing Needle, its been known to shut down decks single handedly.

8. Kitchen Finks
It’s a 3/2 for three mana which is good enough already, but throw in the life gain, and the ability to come back once more as a 2/1, and its a bargain. Did I mention it combos with a bunch of other cards so that it never dies as well?

7. Bloodbraid Elf
One of the most powerful keywords ever, Cascade, which basically lets you cast a spell for free, triggers once this creature hits the field. And by the way, it’s also a 3/2 hasty. Enjoy.

6. Mirari’s Wake
Double all your mana, and beef up all your creatures. Its an insanely powerful enchantment, and one of the best of all time.

5. Vindicate
Three mana, and I get to destroy anything on the board. ANYTHING. Its simple, versatile, and efficient. And also expensive (around $30 on ebay).

4. Terminate / Abrupt Decay
Great cards are measured by their efficiency – Terminate is one of the most efficient creature destruction spells ever printed; two mana, your creature is dead and it can’t regenerate, at instant speed. Abrupt Decay is similar – it can destroy non-creatures too, and is uncounterable, but cannot destroy things with big mana costs.

3. Lightning Helix
Speaking of efficiency, here’s another one, next to the great Lightning Bolt. For 2 mana, its 3 damage and 3 life, at instant speed.

2. Pernicious Deed
One of the best mass removal cards of all time. Pernicious Deed kills anything of a specific mana cost and lower – allowing you to play to its advantage. Play a big creature and blow up the smaller ones, or put out a Spiritmonger and regenerate it. It’s a selective mass removal spell basically.

1. Psychatog
This card defined a metagame. Control decks were created around him. Aggro decks were created around him. He is arguably the best creature in the game (along with Tarmogoyf. The strategy with Psychatog is to fill up your graveyard with cards, and then draw more cards and discard more cards to make it incredibly big to attack for the win, with countermagic backing it up.