Magic the Gathering: Top 10 greatest green cards of all time

Continuing on from white cards… now we come to green cards! Green is the color of big creatures, big spells, and lots of mana. Its no surprise then that the greatest creatures in the game comes from green. Here’s my top 10:

10. Primeval Titan
One of the most dominant green creatures ever, he gets you two lands (thats right even non basic) out of your deck when he comes out, AND every time he attacks. Many decks have been built around this ability to exploit landfall combos.

9. Tooth and Nail
Part of a dominant combo deck, this card pulls out two game winning creatures in one move – often the combination of these two creatures is enough to win the game.

8. Oath of Druids
Part of another dominant combo deck way back when. Oath of Druids can quickly power out a game winning creature as early as turn 2. And once that guy comes out, its game over.

7. Survival of the Fittest
One of the best enchantments ever printed. Discard a creature to tutor for any other creature, for one green every turn. All the while making my graveyard abusable by Recurring Nightmare. Good times.

6. Rancor
The best Aura in the game. It gives any creature trample, and +2/+0, all for one mana! AND it comes back once it dies! Many aggro decks have won using this card – over and over again.

5. Berserk
So I double a creatures power and it gains trample for one mana? Sign me up.

4. Eternal Witness
It’s Regrowth on a stick. There’s numerous ways to abuse her, combo-wise, and she’s probably the best uncommon creature ever printed. Three mana for a 2/1, and every time it comes onto the battlefield, you get to reuse one of your spells. What’s not to love?

3. Llanowar Elves / Noble Hierarch
Less influential than the 1. in this list, but still influential, Elves / Hierarch have powered many decks throughout the ages, both aggro and control. And being at one green mana is probably its greatest asset.

2. Tarmogoyf
The most efficient and greatest beatdown creature in the game. There’s a reason why this card fetches $100 on ebay – it dominated tournaments back in the day, and while the text doesn’t make it seem powerful – it grows fast. It can potentially grow up to an 8/9 – all for two mana – and splashable at 1G for that. All aggro creatures get compared to Tarmogoyf; he sets the standard.

1. Birds of Paradise
One mana for a 0/1 flying creature that can produce one mana of any color. It’s a classic, been used since the beginning of Magic to fix up mana and power spells for almost any deck. And to this day, no card does it as simply and as efficiently.





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