Magic the Gathering: Top 10 greatest blue cards of all time

Continuing on from black cards… now we come to blue cards! Blue is probably the most powerful color, historically, in Magic because of numerous cards that allow: taking extra turns, drawing extra cards, countering other spells, slowing down opponents, manipulating the library, among other things. Blue is the only color represented in the Power Nine. Here is my top ten:

10. Snapcaster Mage
I was debating between this card and Morphling as the greatest blue creature, and I put this card in just because it would probably be considered more powerful these days. While Morphling did have alot of impact at the time, Snapcaster Mage is used alot more in tournaments – its cheaper, and allows you to re-use any card from your graveyard, which is the definition of card advantage. Its had alot of proven impact on the current metagame.

9. Stroke of Genius
This used to be the win condition of many combo decks. As a mana sink, it works beautifully. I have infinite mana, stroke you, you draw your entire deck, and you lose. And its instant speed.

8. Brainstorm
For 1 mana, I get to draw three cards and throw away 2 I don’t want. It’s basically drawing three cards for one mana, which is another card we’ll see down this list. It might even be better if you’re opponent is using discard, and you can hide the good cards on top of your deck.

7. Tinker
For 2U, I sacrifice any artifact to get ANY artifact from my library into play for free. Many games have been won with an artifact land mutating into a Darksteel Colossus. Another crazy broken blue card.

6. Jace, the Mind Sculptor
The most powerful planeswalker ever printed. With Jace TMS, you get a choice of: A free Brainstorm OR library manipulation OR Unsummon OR a win condition – every turn. For only 4 mana. Dominated metagames. A great investment, if really pricey.

5. Timetwister
Part of the Power Nine, it basically lets you reuse all your cards for a measly 3 mana. Which lets you use your other broken cards over again.

4. Mana Drain
It counters any spell for two mana AND gives you the mana back the next turn. In what world is that fair??? Greatest counterspell, along with 3. on the list.

3. Force of Will
It’s a counterspell that doesn’t need mana to cast. A blue card and 1 life is all you need. Thats what makes it so deadly – it can counter spells from anywhere. As long as a blue mage has more than 1 life and 2 cards in his hand, you should be careful….

2. Time Walk
Another member of the Power Nine. As you can see, taking an extra turn for a measly two mana, is just outrageous.

1. Ancestral Recall
It’s incredibly broken. Drawing 3 cards for one mana? With no drawbacks? At instant speed? Its part of the Power Nine for a reason.