Life after moving

The Bay Bridge
The Bay Bridge

So I’ve been working in my new company, ezRez Software, for a few weeks now, and been in San Francisco for roughly a month. How do I feel about things? Well, they say that the grass is always greener on the other side. I do think that there is truth in here. I came to California expecting my life to have a significant upgrade, learn new things, make new friends, enjoy nice weather, etc. I now have to revise my expectations downwards a bit. While working at the new company is exciting, people are friendly, and I have a place close to work, there is a few things that disappointed me about moving here.

  • Weather is colder than I thought. Living in SF can get cold in the summer. While Toronto is currently experiencing a heat wave of ~100 degrees, SF is a cooler 50s-60s. This takes some getting used to. So much for hot California weather… maybe I was thinking of SoCal. 
  • Immigration here is difficult. The US makes it as hard for people to immigrate here as possible. Canadian credit doesn’t matter here, so I had to begin a new. Everything expensive requires your SSN and a security deposit if you don’t have credit. Also, since I’m on a TN visa, if my employment situation ever changes, I have to leave the country and apply for a new one. I also cannot apply for a green card while on a TN.
  • Cost of Living. SF must be the most expensive city in the US to live in. I thought Toronto was expensive, but California has the same tax rates, and some foods like cheese, are even more expensive. I don’t get it… aren’t a lot of foods produced in California? Why does it cost more here than in Canada? Rent prices in the city range from $1000 to $3000+ for a studio room. Yeah, there goes a significant portion of my paycheck…
  • Loneliness. I never thought about how lonely it would be here. No family and friends here. I always thought I could make new friends, but I miscalculated on how exactly I could do that. It’s always fun to go to new events and meet people, but you can’t exactly ask them to hang out with you after meeting them once. There are only a couple co-workers around my age, and I’m unsure of whether I can just ask them to hang out with me either. And being the shy guy I am, I’ve never considered going to bars or clubs to meet people…
So yeah. The working life… it seems depressing when you think that you’d be working and/or looking for work the rest of your life. Currently, I don’t have any social life due to just moving here, and so my life is just working right now. But I guess that’s what I signed up for when I moved here. Hopefully things will improve as time goes on. 


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  1. As a resident of SoCal, I can confirm that you were indeed thinking of SoCal when you were talking about the hot weather. However, SoCal isn’t being as hot as it usually this this summer (while my family in Connecticut is also experiencing high heat waves), so it might just be a random cold year on the west coast this year.

    As an American and a resident of California, I can tell you with certainty that San Francisco is indeed the most expensive city in this country. Because of the large number of tech industries, there is a large concentration of people with high incomes, thus making things expensive. California does grow a lot of food. Dairy is not really among them – I think that’s Wisconsin and Vermont. California is known mostly for its fruits and vegetables, and I can say that while the fruits and vegetables are not too much less expensive than fruits and vegetables sold in other states, I can say that our fruits and vegetables are better.

    As for meeting people, I’m not an expert on it, but what I do know is:

    1) If you’re religious, then a religious institution like a church will put you into a community.
    2) If you’ve got a hobby, then see if there are classes or local clubs around that hobby, and I’m sure that there are lots of them. I see this sort of thing happening with the martial arts group that I’m a part of because it’s not limited to students.
    3) Co-workers are a good source of friends too! Invite someone out to lunch? My boyfriend has made a group of friends among his co-workers.

    I hope that life gets better for you! Immigration is tough, I agree. Maybe after a year or two, your employer can get you a new visa? Good luck!

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