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Whenever I meet new people, the topic Korea comes up because I’m studying Korean, and then invariably the topic Korean women come up, then invariably the topic plastic surgery comes up. So let me address some of these questions here so that people know my thinking process and I can just direct them here instead of explaining over and over.

Why do you like Korean women?
I get asked this question because I’m Chinese, and I was born in China, so there must be a reason why I like Korean women. The answer is simply a genetic attraction. No one asks Korean guys why they like Korean women right? China is very big, and being a Manchurian, I have more in common with Koreans than I do with southern Chinese and Taiwanese. I probably even have some Korean blood in me somewhere. So yeah.

Why not Chinese girls?
I can make this statement: the average Korean woman looks better than the average Chinese women. This is true because of a difference in culture, I’m not saying Chinese women are inherently uglier than Korean women, or that there aren’t Chinese women that dress up, but Korean women always wear makeup before they go outside, and they are usually dressed up. I have been to both China and Korea before. Just think that the top 10 plastic surgeons are all in korea, that means something. There is a big difference in the way they care about their appearance.
Chinese girls tend not to wear makeup, preferring to ‘stay natural’ instead. It’s considered impolite in Korean culture not to wear makeup for women, and you will see very few Korean girls wearing glasses compared to Chinese girls. Also compare the number of women doing plastic surgery in Korea compared to China and tell me, in which country does appearance matter more? Again, this is not criticizing anybody, just go to China and go to Korea and see the difference yourself.

Edit: Besides, this question is not really fair, because what’s wrong with liking someone of a different race? Some people say I’m racist for preferring Korean girls, but they are just as racist for implying that it’s wrong to like someone of a different race. I don’t ask Asian women why they like American guys, so people shouldn’t ask me why I prefer Korean women.

Aren’t you being shallow by saying this?
If I’m shallow, then so must be the millions of Korean guys, and I don’t hear anyone complaining about them. In fact, I hear Korean guys are very popular due to how they act in dramas and movies.

About plastic surgery… there are a few misconceptions I would like to clear up

Misconception #1: Almost all pretty Korean girls had plastic surgery

No, actually most of my Korean friends did not do plastic surgery.

If you look at the chart here, you can see that only 74 Koreans out of 10,000 did plastic surgery. Is it a higher rate than any other country? Sure, but its not 90%. According to the stats, only 0.74% of Korean women did it. 365,000 people out of 49 million. Even Japan had more procedures in total. And no one talks about that.

Let me also mention that a lot of Koreans are Christians, about 40% of them, and they are conservative, so they wouldn’t do plastic surgery.

The reason why there’s so many pretty Korean girls that look similar, is because they all wear similar fashion, have a similar style of makeup, and they are genetically very homogeneous (Koreans rarely interbreed with other races). I think the fact that almost every Korean girl dresses up and wears makeup (in comparison with other Asians), and cares about their appearance almost to an obsessive degree (to the point where almost every girl I see on the subway or bus is looking at their mirror, has painted toenails if they exposed their toes, and some even put makeup on their legs if they don’t wear stockings), confuses people. They can’t believe that Korean girls could care this much about their appearance (because they don’t know Korean culture), and they get jealous of how beautiful Korean women are, so they make up rumors that ‘oh its just because of plastic surgery, thats why they are pretty, they are fake, they are not really that naturally pretty’ to make themselves feel better. I mean nevermind the fact that most Korean girls have flawless pale skin and there is not a plastic surgeon in the world that can permanently alter your skin complexion, but I digress.

Misconception #2: Being naturally beautiful is better

The whole point of plastic surgery is to make yourself look better and enhance your appearance and increase your confidence. I don’t know why looking better would be bad? People (especially Chinese) like to tout that natural beauty is better than “fake beauty”. Beauty is subjective, and everyone has their own standard of beauty. It doesn’t mean that naturally beautiful or not wearing makeup or not doing surgery is always better than wearing heavy makeup and doing surgery. Its just different beauty standards thats it. Chinese people might like natural beauty. Koreans like doing makeup and surgery. But it doesn’t make one kind of beauty “better” than the other.

As for being fake, the same can be said about makeup, and almost every girl in the world wears makeup at least one time in their life, whether it be for a special occasion, or a graduation photo or a wedding. Even girls who like natural beauty wears makeup at least on some occasions. So to criticize Korean women for wearing lots of makeup and being fake makes you look like a hypocrite.

Misconception #3: Plastic surgery turns you into a whole different person and instantly makes you beautiful

Yeah, those are advertisements. They show the most extreme cases, as marketing so that people know how good they are at plastic surgery. Doesn’t mean every Korean girl has gone under the knife and come out completely different. Most Korean girls have very minor plastic surgery, usually double eyelid surgery. Would you care a great deal if a girl had plastic surgery just to make her eyes a little big bigger? I know I wouldn’t. Its a very minor thing, and thats like 90% of all plastic surgery cases.

For one, the advertisements are everywhere, and they often show the extreme cases. The before picture, is usually an unattractive girl without makeup, while the after picture is usually an attractive girl with makeup. Makeup usually makes a much bigger difference than plastic surgery does. Plastic surgery does not magically make one look way better than before. You can see this on youtube videos of girls getting Korean plastic surgery. The before and after without makeup is not that big of a difference, even in the ‘big’ cases where they ‘shaved’ their jawline down.

Misconception #4: Korean girls who had plastic surgery were ugly before, and marrying them means you will have ugly children

Well, first of all I’m not sure if appearance is genetics related, so I’m not sure if being beautiful or ugly will affect your child’s appearance.

Secondly, not every girl who does surgery is ugly. In fact many beautiful girls do surgery to look even more beautiful. All my Korean friends who did plastic surgery were all quite attractive before they did it. Because Korean culture is so appearance obsessed, many girls just cannot get enough of being prettier and prettier, and its kind becomes a beauty competition with their friends to see who is the prettiest. Koreans judge each other on appearance a lot, and being pretty is a HUGE advantage for getting a job or being treated better, so thats why so many girls want to do it.

And lets say that even if genetics matter, and even if you were ugly before, you would still have ugly children, plastic surgery or not. So I don’t get why having plastic surgery would make it any worse. Some Korean men when I asked them this even if it was true, they said that they would just get plastic surgery for their children if they turn out to be very different, and I didn’t really have anything to respond to that with.

Misconception #5: The side effects of plastic surgery means that Korean women will not age well

I’ve met Korean girls that were in their 40s and they looked like they were in their 20s. Because of how much they care about their skin and how well they do makeup, and just in general the Asian gene that makes Asians age well, I haven’t confirmed that Korean women age worse than other Asian girls. In fact, they seem to age better. Even some of the older ajummas (40s-50s women) still wear makeup and use a lot of skin products and definitely don’t look like their age.

Like I said, its everything, they take good care of their hygiene, they work out to make their bodies slimmer, they care about their fashion, they care about their makeup, they care about every part of their body. Plastic surgery is just one component, its not a magical fix all to make anyone look better. That’s ridiculous. The truth is that Korean women put alot of time and effort into their appearance, pure and simple. I hope this clears up some misconceptions and anyone who asks me in the future about Korean girls and plastic surgery, I’ll just direct them here.





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