Kevin durants nets were 7th seeded and were not favoured to beat this celtics team, meanwhile lebron in 2011 was heavily favoured to beat the Mavericks but he got outscored by jj barea and lost. Has Lebron fans forgot this?

Actually, KD’s Nets WERE favored to beat the Celtics team. The 7th seed is deceiving because Kyrie was out for most of the season. Once they got Kyrie back, the Nets were playing like a top 3 seed. So in fact KD’s Nets were favored in the series. KD and Kyrie on paper were a lot better than Jayson Tatum and Al Horford and Marcus Smart on paper.

And ironically that’s the exact same reason for the 2011 Heat being favored, is because they were better on paper. Lebron, Wade, Bosh on paper is better than Dirk, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion on paper.

So it’s exactly the same situation. Also, I noticed you got the Lebron hater narratives a bit mixed up probably because you were too brainwashed by the memes.

Jason Terry was the one who outscored Lebron in the series, not JJ Barea. Terry averaged 18 PPG to Lebron’s 17.8 PPG (yes 0.2 PPG diff, whatever). And Barea averaged a measly 9 PPG that series. And it really doesnt mean anything. Nobody talks about Andrew Toney outscoring Magic in the 1983 Finals. Nobody talks about Jalen Rose outscoring Kobe by a whopping 8 PPG in the 2000 Finals.

Lebron fans never forget this because the haters CONSTANTLY bring up this series. They act like the 2011 Mavs were the worst team of all time when in fact they SWEPT the Kobe Lakers who were defending champs and beat the KD/Westbrook/Harden OKC in 5 and won 57 games in the Western conference. That’s a pretty good team and Bron haters act like they were scrubs or something. Jason Terry was actually their second leading scorer on their team after Dirk.

Lebron averaged 18/7/7 that series on 48% shooting. KD in the Nets-Celtics series had 22 PPG on 36% shooting. Sure he averaged more PPG but he also shot a hell of a lot worse. and he didn’t contribute in other ways like Lebron did. I can argue Lebron in 2011 had a better series than KD against the Celtics. He wasn’t shooting 0 for 10 in a second half. People say Lebron choked because he passed the ball instead of shooting. I can argue that KD choked more because he couldn’t hit any damn shots!

And upsets happen all the time. I can list quite a few notable examples. 1969 Lakers with West/Baylor/Wilt were heavily favored over Russell’s Celtics in their last year and they still lost. 1975 Warriors Rick Barry with literally no other all stars beat the Unseld/Hayes Bullets. 1986 Lakers fell to the upstart Hakeem/Sampson Rockets. 1994 63 win Sonics fell to the 8th seeded Nuggets. 2004 Lakers with Shaq/Kobe/Malone/Payton were HEAVILY favored over the Pistons, and they got beat in 5 games – Pistons only had one all star that season Ben Wallace. 2007 Mavs a team that won 67 games in the regular season fell to the 8th seeded Warriors. And of course the 73 win 2016 Warriors with the ‘unanimous’ MVP fell to the Cavs when they were up 3–1. Lots of upsets happen, not just 2011, but it seems like the 2011 one gets brought up the most by far in order to hate on Lebron.