Japan vs Korea vs China, Inter-Asian relationships

I’m back from Japan! which means I now have been to the three major East Asian countries, Japan Korea and China. Which means I can do a fair comparison between all three.

Cost of living
Japan is the costliest for sure. Not only is it about 20-30% more expensive than Korea on everything, but a lot of places are cash only! Electronics, Food, Housing, services etc everything is the most expensive in Japan. China has probably the cheapest cost of living in general, unless you are staying in Beijing or Shanghai. Aside from those two cities, other cities are much cheaper to live in. Korea is somewhere in between.

Winner: China

Japan has a lot of good seafood and noodles. Of course I don’t eat much seafood, so I mostly ate Soba, Ramen and Udon, and YakiniQ and Shabu shabu. If you like seafood, Japan’s the place to go. Korea has mostly spicy food, pork or chicken is common. They don’t have that many vegetables aside from Kimchi in their dishes, so if you like spicy meat, Korea is the best. China is big and has so many different cuisines that I can’t generalize it. Just I’m gonna say if you don’t like oily foods then don’t go to China, else China has a lot of tasty foods as well.

Winner: depends on what you like but China has the most variety

Natural Scenery
Japan has great natural scenery, Okinawa, Kyoto, lots of temples and shrines. And Korea has Jeju, Gyeongju, Gangwon-do, lots of great places as well. However, neither really compares to China, as its the biggest and is the clear winner here with every place from the mountains of Tibet to the lush mountains of Southern China, the historic capitals of Beijing, Xi’an and Nanjing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Huangshan, the canals of Suzhou and Wuzhen, the West Lake of Hangzhou, I mean Southern China by itself is its own category for beauty, mainland China wins here by virtue of having the most land, so no offense to Japan and Korea, but China clearly wins here.

Winner: China

Japan has the best technology by far. For example they have machines that scan your face, determine your mood and recommend you a drink based on that. That’s incredible. Korea has great technology too especially fast internet but overall its a step below Japan. China, outside of Beijing/Shanghai, still lags behind Japan/Korea in tech (they just recently got LTE for example, and China never had 3G penetration). In addition a lot of websites are banned in China and you need a VPN to access them so yeah… beware of that.

Winner: Japan

Korea uses the most English out of the three, which means its the most friendly to foreigners. A lot of Korean words sound just like English anyways (Konglish), and Koreans in general speak the best English out of the three. Japan has a bit of English but not much and most places will have Japanese only. China, good luck there’s no English to be found pretty much anywhere and Chinese generally cannot speak a lick of English.

Winner: Korea

Korea has the most 24 hour establishments out of the three, and Seoul is The place to go for all night drinking and clubbing, so if you’re into that, Korea is the place. Japan has 24 hour places too, but less so than Korea, and not so much drinking either. China didn’t even have clubs until very recently thanks to Communism, and its still developing. That said, Shanghai has nightlife on par with any big Asian city.

Winner: Korea (Seoul in particular)

Ah, the girls. As for absolute beauty, if you don’t care natural or unnatural, Korea takes the cake here. Korean girls love to dress up, wear short skirts and lots of makeup and in general you won’t find many ugly Korean girls at all.
Japanese girls are more conservative, tend to cover their legs more by wearing pants, long dresses or knee length dresses, and while they do makeup, not as much as Korean girls do.
Chinese girls, I’ve mentioned before, prefer not to do anything to their appearance, and don’t do makeup nor dress up that much. They are the most conservative out of the three (again thanks to Communism). I’m not going to get into “natural beauty” as Chinese girls often like to brag about, since all races have “natural beauty” its how much extra attention you put into your appearance, and Korean girls win by a landslide here. You’ll also find that the rate of glasses-wearing girls is correlated as well, with about 60%~ of Chinese girls wearing glasses, 30%~ of Japanese girls wearing glasses, and 10%~ of Korean girls wearing glasses.

Behavior wise, Japanese girls are extremely kind and polite, my Japanese friend paid for everything from food, spa, even my train ticket to Kyoto! I’ve never had a woman pay that much for me before. Japanese girls are more indirect when they are talking to you, and very shy. Chinese girls are opposite, very direct and blunt when talking and not as shy as other Asian girls. Their manners are not as good as Koreans or Japanese, as many people who have seen Chinese tourists can attest to. Korean girls are somewhere in the middle in behavior, the perfect balance if you ask me.

Winner: Korea on absolute beauty, Japanese on the most well mannered

Some people might say I have a Korean bias, so I will add a video later to show the differences and you can judge for yourself. I will also visit Taiwan after, so I can do a comparison of Taiwanese girls too, though I expect somewhat of a cross between Chinese and Japanese.

Ok and another topic I wanted to talk is InterAsian relationships. A lot of fuss has been made around Asian-White relationships and I’ve blogged about this in the past, just like a lot of Asian Canadian/American guys I was angry at how many white guys were “stealing” our women, but after meeting actual Asian girls from Asia I changed my stance on this.
It doesn’t matter to me anymore, because I don’t care about Asian American girls anymore. To me, they are just American girls wrapped in an Asian skin. Their personalities are totally American.

I’m more interested in Asian-Asian relationships, particularly since I’m a Chinese interested in Korean women. Fact is, I’ve seen less Inter-asian relationships than white-asian relationships and thats really perplexing to me. But as I’ve seen, the reason this might be, is because Asians are generally close minded to their own race. Chinese hang out with Chinese, Koreans with Koreans, Japanese with Japanese. Because of this narrow mindedness they develop misconceptions of other Asians and are not willing to hang out outside of their race. Thus, other Asian men aren’t likely to ask out women from another Asian race.

That’s my reasoning for why I see so few Chinese men-Korean girl relationships since on paper, thats a pretty darn good pairing! Chinese men are known to be good at household work, and the new generation of Korean girls prefer guys who can do housework/cooking as the previous generation of Korean guys couldn’t. Also, Chinese guys don’t mind spending money for girls whereas Korean guys complain about it.
Yet, I rarely have seen that pairing.

More common is White men-Asian girl pairings, and why is this more common? Because white people (and I mean Westerners by that) are more open minded and willing to try new kinds of relationships. They are also much more aggressive in talking to girls, which in the end is why there’s much more white-asian relationships than Asian-other asian relationships.

I often get asked ‘why do you like Korean girls? why not Chinese girls?’ and I don’t like this, because I was born near Korea, so I have a similar background, we’re both Asian, and why do I have to like the race I was born into anyways? I don’t think white guys who date Asian girls get asked the same question “why do you only like Asian girls?” despite the fact that I know quite a large number of white friends who have yellow fever and exclusively date Asian girls. They have less in common with Asians and they don’t get asked, while I have a lot in common with Koreans and I get questioned. Weird.

Anyways thats my rant for now…