Is the USA truly the best country to live in? If not what country is? (In terms of most advanced)

This answer might be a bit biased but in my opinion, CANADA is.

-Canada is one of the safest countries in the world

-Canada has universal healthcare and relatively affordable education

-As long as you avoid Vancouver and Toronto, the housing is relatively affordable as well

-Canadians are very polite and friendly people

-Canada is home to a diverse mix of cultures. Canada is a bilingual country but accepts immigrants more readily than many other countries so it ends up being quite cosmopolitan especially the big cities

-You don’t have to worry about slaving away for 80 hours a week for little pay like you do in Asia

The downsides: Vancouver is probably the warmest city we got, and its rainy half the time. The USA definitely has got us beat in terms of good weather locations. The taxes are higher than USA but not as high as Europe. The goods are usually more expensive as well. You can’t make as high salary as in the USA. America is probably the best country for rich people, but IMO Canada is better for middle class.

In general there is no country in the world which is “perfect” but I think Canada is a good middle ground between the busy all-work environment of Asia and high tax environment of Europe. It is also considerably safer than the US and healthcare and education are also more affordable than the US, though we lose out in terms of high income, cost of goods and weather. If you can take that tradeoff I think Canada is the best balanced country to live in.


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