Is Lebron James the most overrated NBA superstar ever?

Definitely not.

He would only be considered overrated to haters, because they make statements such as ‘LeBum is a whiner crybaby flopper so he’s not top 20 all time’ which shows how little they know about basketball. Notice they always call Bron childish names and don’t understand that flopping helps wins games.

The most overrated NBA superstar is Kobe Bryant. The reason why he is so overrated comes from his overzealous fans, who try desperately to put him in the GOAT convo where he doesn’t belong at all. Kobe fans do not use objective metrics for Kobe, they use subjective metrics which cannot be measured.

Reasons why Kobe fans put him as GOAT

  • He’s the closest to MJ in skill (but that doesn’t mean he’s close to MJ by any objective criteria.. the gap between them is 4 MVPs, 4 FMVPs, 1 ring, 8 scoring titles, DPOY, 5% diff in FG%, 5 PPG in reg season, 8 PPG in playoffs etc!)
  • He has “Mamba mentality”, “killer instinct” (these are marketing buzzwords not backed up by anything)
  • He has a legendary work ethic (work ethic cannot be measured objectively)
  • He scored 81 pts in the hardest defensive era ever (He shot 46 times to score the 81; the list of players to ever shoot that much in a single game is short, it was a regular season game against a bad team and it’s NOT the hardest defensive era ever by any metric)
  • Other NBA players call him the GOAT (but this is a minority of players; latest NBA players polls say 8% of NBA players think Kobe is GOAT, plus they rely on outdated and out of context quotes)
  • He beat the most 50+ win teams without a top 75 player (they won’t tell you that Kobe’s Lakers had 57 and 65 wins and were never the underdogs in any series, and top 75 is a list made up of all players in NBA history doesn’t mean Gasol wasn’t a HoF level player)

And that’s really it. They can’t really make any other case for Kobe cause he doesn’t have much of a case.

Reasons why Kobe shouldn’t be in GOAT convo

  • He has 1 MVP in 20 years
  • He wasn’t the best player for 60% of his rings
  • He has not one, not two, but THREE subpar Finals performances (2000, 2004, 2008) out of 7 whereas Jordan (1996) has 1/6 and Bron (2007, 2011) has 2/10.
  • His FG% goes down in the Finals to 41% which is terrible
  • He averaged 30+ PPG in only 1 Finals out of 7
  • He blew a 3–1 lead in the playoffs; something Bron and Jordan have never done
  • He averages 22 PPG in elimination games – this is below a long list of other superstars (Lebron and Jordan are #1 and #2 in this category respectively)
  • He is not even top 10 in 35+ point games in the Finals
  • He is #19 all time in playoffs PPG. Jordan is #1 all time and Bron is #6 all time.
  • He is 7/28 in clutch situations in the playoffs
  • He has always needed an all star big man + Phil Jackson to win. Bron and Jordan have won without all star big men.
  • He was considered an overrated defender not only by his peers but by his own coach Phil Jackson in his book The Last Season
  • He is #64 all time in WS/48. Jordan is #2 all time and Bron is #9 all time.
  • He is #29 all time in PER. Jordan is #2 all time and Bron is #3 all time.
  • His last 3 seasons he was the worst player on the team and the Lakers had the worst records in franchise history. The Lakers won a total of 17 games in his last season.

Psst… Kobe shouldn’t belong with those other two ^

So you see why people should stop putting Kobe in the same sentence as Jordan?? And why saying Kobe > Bron is literally the equivalent of saying that stats don’t matter? How is a player like this in the GOAT convo at all?


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