Is LeBron James a stat padder?


This is used by a lot of his haters because they have to discredit him no matter what. When Lebron loses, it’s because he sucks and a loser, terrible Finals record etc etc When Lebron wins its because he had a superteam, he had an easy conference, Ray Allen or Kyrie saved him, he was in the bubble etc When Lebron puts up amazing stats well he must be stat padding.

The definition of stat padding is putting up a lot of great numbers but you’re team isn’t winning – the definition of a player who is putting up numbers because he has a high usage rate on a bad team, not because he actually helps his team win games.

^ typical example of a hater who calls Lebron names and then calls me names for posting the facts. These people never have any kind of analysis to do or anything intelligent basketball insight or analysis to add, only insulting and name calling because they personally hate Lebron for irrational reasons.

Everyone probably uses the KD-less Westbrook as the prime example, since he was averaging a triple double without KD, and not winning many games. I think you can go back to the days of Jerry Lucas who was averaging oh maybe 20 rebounds a game but his team wasn’t winning many games despite having Oscar Robertson on them. How about Wilt and his 50 PPG and 25 RPG?? His team wasn’t winning many games despite those numbers. Pistol Pete is another good example, a ball hog who got some really great scoring numbers but couldn’t win a playoff game to save his life. A lot of people like to use Adrian Dantley too but Dantley actually did go to the Finals with the Pistons and almost won the whole thing if not for that Laimbeer ‘phantom’ foul. Tmac and Iverson are both good examples too, both won multiple scoring titles but Tmac couldn’t even get past the first round and Iverson has very little to show for his career other than that 2001 season. Also Kobe during the 2005–2007 seasons when he was putting up massive scoring numbers and yet his team wasn’t winning many games (and no it’s not just because his team was bad, he had Lamar Odom putting up 19/13/5 on the Suns helping out big time and still lost).

Lebron James is not one of these guys. He puts up ridiculous numbers and also wins a lot of games. How many games? Well we have many examples of this:,him%2C%20just%20a%20hair%20under%20.

This is just on the Lakers.

When Lebron left the Cavs both times his team went to the lottery without him. In 2010, the Cavs won 61 games and in 2011 the Cavs won only 19 games. The starting players – Anderson Varajeo, Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams etc all intact. A few bench players changed but the main difference was no Lebron and there was a difference of 40 wins. Same when Lebron left the Cavs the second time, they went from a Finals team to the lottery again. Same when Lebron left the Heat, went from a Finals team to middle of the pack.

So you can see just how valuable Lebron is and how many wins he adds to his teams. How can it be stat padding when every team he joins becomes instantly better (the same way CP3 does) and everytime he sits out the team turns into one of the worst teams in the league. And this has happened with multiple rosters? But im sure some haters will say ‘LeGM’ handpicked these rosters to be only good when he is playing but that’s borderline irrational hatred isn’t it?

and explain to me what exactly ‘stat padding’ is? do you know what stat padding even means?

A reasonable explanation would be a player ‘stat padding’ is taking a lot of bad shots which could have gone to players in better positions, or a player boxing out his own teammate for rebounds, these are bad basketball plays leading to losing games, because a player selfishly wanted to chase his own stats at the expense of making good basketball plays.

Is that what Lebron is doing? because I don’t see Lebron doing these things. He’s been playing very efficiently, averaging 52% FG% which is one of the highest in his career so far, he’s not been getting called for very many fouls, and I don’t see boxing out his teammates either. And when he doesn’t play, his team is 6–16. So how exactly is he stat padding?

Edit: seems that people think stat padding is putting up stats in ‘garbage’ time. Because while I agree if the game is a blowout or out of reach, give the bench players some playing time, at the same time audiences might want to see the star player on the court playing as much as he could. And fact of the matter is, that’s up to the coach to decide as well. Coach decides the rotation minutes and who gets to stay in the game. If they decided Lebron should stay in the game longer then that’s their decision, not on Lebron. And this happens to a lot of players, not just Lebron either.

And let’s be honest if Lebron really wanted to stat pad, he would be averaging alot more FGAs a game.

Let’s look at the top 50 most FGAs ever taken. One name on this list appears way more than the others, and he’s never accused of stat padding. If Lebron really wanted to stat pad, he would appear on this list instead of averaging 7 APG.

For examples of real stat padders, look at Jerry Lucas, or Wilt in his early days, or Baylor, or Pistol Pete, or Iverson, or Westbrook, or Tmac, in addition to Kobe. These guys were all prolific shot chuckers. Kobe was the only one who won playing this way, and it’s only because he had to be surrounded by a team of rebounders and play in a triangle offense. Otherwise, he wasn’t winning playing like this.

No, Lebron does not stat pad. The team clearly does better when he is playing and puts up big numbers and clearly does worse when he is not playing. There is a lot of evidence for this already.