Is Kobe Bryant better than LeBron James?

No. Unfortunately, there is a substantial portion of NBA fans who think Kobe is better.

This is because many NBA fans get brainwashed by Kobe’s marketing and hype. The fact that social media and sports media pretty much never posts anything negative about Kobe since his retirement and passing really helps Kobe’s legend. They also release documentaries like the 2008 Redeem team Netflix documentary which shows all the players in awe of Kobe’s leadership – but of course doesn’t show Kobe’s (subpar) performances in the Olympics. The media constantly replays Kobe’s best moments – mostly regular season moments – like the 81 point game, 62 in 3 quarters, making 2 free throws on a torn achilles etc constantly. Then whenever an NBA player says a quote praising Kobe, it gets spread online like wildfire.

Whereas for Lebron, you have a legion of haters online who constantly post his worst moments like the 2011 Finals, constantly discrediting him by saying Ray Allen/Kyrie saved his legacy, he doesn’t have the ‘killer’ instinct, he’s not clutch, he’s a whiner and a crybaby and a loser, he has a bubble ring, needs a superteam to win, jumps teams etc it’s the complete opposite for Lebron. Lebron’s best moments – ie. his clutch shot to seal the series in 2013 Finals Game 7 are almost never replayed. Whenever an NBA player says a quote praising Lebron, it’s always relegated to Lebron fan pages and that’s it.

So, just to be fair to Kobe I will say some things that he has over Lebron first.


-Kobe has more titles and a better Finals record (5–2 vs 4–6)
-Kobe has more 35+ PT games in regular season.
-Kobe has a higher regular season scoring high (81)
-Kobe has more game winners and buzzer beaters in the regular season
-Kobe beat more 50+ win teams in the playoffs.
-Kobe has more All-Def selections, double in fact.
-Kobe participated in – and won a dunk contest.
-Kobe has more championships without a top 75 player (2 vs 1)
-Kobe has a better FT%
-Kobe (arguably) has a better / more legendary work ethic
-Kobe’s physique and stature is more relatable
-Kobe has bigger offensive skillset

So, I give credit to where credit is due. Kobe has these things over Lebron. Now I’ll say what Lebron has over Kobe.


-Lebron has more MVPs
-Lebron has more Finals MVPs
-Lebron has a higher PPG, RPG, APG, BPG, SPG (both in reg season + playoffs)
-Lebron has a higher PER, VORP, WS, WS/48 and BPM
-Lebron has a higher FG% and TS%
-Lebron has more 35+ PT games in the playoffs.
-Lebron has a higher playoff high (51 vs 50 for Kobe)
-Lebron in his prime was a more versatile defender
-Lebron has more game winners and buzzer beaters in the playoffs
-Lebron has better averages in the Finals across the board
-Lebron has better averages in the playoffs across the board
-Lebron has more 35+ PT games in the Finals
-Lebron performs better in elimination games (33.5 PPG vs 22 PPG) and is 12–9 in such games (vs 8–11 for Kobe)
-Lebron has the better head to head record and the better performances (16–6 vs Kobe, 28 PPG vs 24 PPG)
-Lebron has won with 3 different coaches (vs Kobe who has only won with Phil Jackson)
-Lebron has won without a star big man
-Lebron has never blown a 3–1 lead (Kobe did in 2006)
-Lebron has never been the second best player for any of his championships
-Lebron’s lowest scoring Finals (18 PPG in 2011) is still more than Kobe’s lowest scoring Finals (15 PPG in 2000)
-Lebron has higher career totals across the board (PTS, RBDS, ASTS, STLS, BLKS, TO)
-Lebron has won a championship without an all star (2016 neither Kyrie or Love were all-stars)
-Lebron has beaten more 60+ win teams in the playoffs
-Lebron has beaten a 70+ win team in the Finals
-Lebron’s teams have always had a 0.500 or worse record without him – Kobe’s Lakers record without him is either the same or better.
-Lebron has never missed the playoffs when he was fully healthy (Kobe missed the playoffs in 2005)
-Lebron has 7 Finals averaging over 28+ PPG (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020). Kobe has 2 (2009, 2010).

So, you noticed how in general, Kobe’s advantages over Lebron is a bunch of regular season stuff and subjective metrics like work ethic and skillset? Lebron’s tangibly better in the playoffs and has better quantitative metrics reflected in his stats.

Kobe has been so overrated that when Clutchpoints did a GOAT Athlete poll, not only did Kobe beat Lebron, he also beat GOATs from other sports too like Roger Federer and Usain Bolt!! That to me is insane.

^ typical example of brainwashed casual NBA fan who thinks Kobe is #2 because ‘he’s the closest to Jordan and Jordan is #1! so Kobe must be #2!’

“Seeing the number 81 when I clicked Kobe just hit differently. Like the universe is telling me he is dropping 81 wherever he is now.” –This is the FBI.

“81% for Kobe that’s convenient considering that’s the most amount of points he’s ever put up in a game.” –Huddy

I’ve literally never seen any other athlete where a meaningless regular season game is hyped up to the point where they become the GOAT. It’s like calling Roger Maris the GOAT because he had that one magnificent home run season. Ridiculous. SMH


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