Is Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry the better player?

Kevin Durant.

Curry is a top 5 PG all time and the greatest shooter ever, no doubt about that. But shooting isn’t everything, and KD is ALSO a great shooter so it’s not an advantage that Curry has that much of over KD. Let’s take a look at the different categories.


KD. KD has more all star, more all nba, more scoring titles, more FMVPs than Curry. Curry has 1 MVP and 1 ring over KD and that’s it.


KD. KD averages more PPG, more RPG, more BPG, better FG%, better PER and better WS/48. Curry leads in APG, SPG, TS% and FT% (which leads to higher TS%). KD has the edge in more categories over Curry. And as mentioned before, Curry does not have a shooting advantage over KD like he does compared to other players in NBA history. KD and Curry are both all time shooters.


Also KD. KD has been much better defensively in recent years while Curry has always been a mediocre to below average defender, which opposing teams have tried to take advantage of by forcing Curry to guard them. He’s the weakest link in the Warriors defense – Draymond, Iggy and Klay all being very good defenders.


Now this is kind of controversial. Curry’s leadership ability and his impact on the team is undeniable. It’s Magic Johnson levels of impact. He forces the defenses to collapse on him thus spacing the floor a lot more for his teammates. This trait is invaluable. However, that’s not to say KD doesn’t have great intangibles either, as KD has shown to be a great ceiling raiser on every team he’s been on as well. But I’d say advantage goes to Curry here

Overall I have to give it to Kevin Durant. He’s the better player. He went to Curry’s team and then knocked out 2 straight Finals MVPs while Curry was on the team fully healthy. If that’s not proof that he’s the better player, then what is right? Sure Curry didn’t ‘need’ him like KD ‘needed’ Curry but that’s because Curry had the better team. Had Curry had KD’s team and the situation been reversed, I would say that Curry was the one who ‘needed’ KD. And it’s clear from the 2021 season that Curry cannot carry a team by himself. One problem with Curry fans is that they conflate his team success with his individual success. Curry has always looked better because of his perennial all star cast. Without them, it’s clear that Curry’s offensive ability to carry a team is less than KD’s.