Is “America Was Never Great” a good comeback to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan?

No, but I would say the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ isn’t a great slogan either, like what does it mean?

If Trump supporters are referring to the good old 1950s they are referring to a time when:

-Minorities were suppressed and had segregated schools and bathrooms and restaurants

-Women stayed in the kitchen and kept quiet about their lack of rights

-America was on top of the world only because the rest of the world was devastated by WWII

-the highest marginal tax rate on rich people was 90%

-The CIA was experimenting on American citizens with mind control programs like MKUltra

-People prepared for the possibility of nuclear war by building fallout shelters and school drills

-A witch hunt went on to slander and blacklist people as communists if they didn’t like them

-Asians were barred from entering the US, period

Yeah, its pretty much impossible to go back to that time short of building a time machine





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