Is all the hate towards Star Wars: The Last Jedi warranted or is it just people who don’t like that their theories about the movie didn’t come true?

It’s warranted, it’s not just because their theories didn’t come true. Let’s set aside Snoke for a moment, because all the hate to that character was mainly because of people’s theories not being true. Let’s also throw away the whole ‘Luke turned into an old grump’ thing as well since although disappointing for fans, is not really an inherent problem of the movie itself.

Let’s take a look at the movie from the perspective of a critic and not a Star Wars fan. There’s lots of other intrinsic problems with the movie and lots of plot holes.

-Ok so Rey, I’m ok with Rey being a nobody. I’m not ok with Rey being built up in the Force Awakens, a flashback being shown of her parents leaving, Luke’s lightsaber calling out to her as if she has some special connection with it, then Rey being revealed as a nobody. Why build her up in the Force Awakens? This is clearly a case where Rian didn’t like what JJ Abrams set up for him, and threw it away – and it shows.

-I still don’t understand the point of the alien milking scene with Luke. And apparently Rian threw away the scene of Luke reacting to Han’s death (in the deleted scenes) for that scene. What’s the narrative purpose?

-Ok, so the scene with Princess Leia flying back to the ship. It’s incredibly jarring for fans, but from a movie critic perspective – why does no one talk or react to this at all?

-I still don’t understand what the purpose of Admiral Holdo not telling Poe her plan was. Why keep it secret?

-The whole Canto bight scene – completely unnecessary. There’s no narrative purpose to get sidetracked on a quest to free the animals when the main mission was to get the Codebreaker.

-There’s no progressing of the characters. Rey goes down a dark hole, and comes out the same person. Same with Kylo teaming up with Rey, showing signs of an anti-hero but then goes back to being the main villain again.

-Speaking of the Codebreaker, we get one scene of him, and apparently another guy can fill in for him, that just happens to be in the same cell as them. What? I thought Maz said this was the only guy in the galaxy that could do this?

-Maz never explains how Luke’s lightsaber came to be in her possession even though she promised to in the previous movie.

-Finn can pilot in the second movie, even though no time has passed at all since the first film (where he couldn’t pilot and needed Poe’s help).

-I still don’t understand why Rose crashes into Finn’s ship. First – how did she go faster than Finn to catch up with him, second, she could have killed Finn, third, she said it’s because she loves Finn but she just knew him for 12 hours, and fourth, Finn was going to protect the Resistance – why would Rose sabotage that?

So yeah, there’s tons more problems with the movie if you were a star wars fan (that hyperspace ramming scene, Admiral Ackbar, Phasma, Porgs, Luke turning on his nephew, Snoke, Leia’s force powers, the Yoda force lightning scene, etc) but speaking from a purely movie critic standpoint – the film had a lot of issues. Still not sure why Rotten Tomatoes gave it 91% from critics. Surely some other critics must have noticed these issues as well.





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