In the future, will it be better to live in China or in South Korea?

This is highly dependent on personal preference, but for me definitely Korea.
Reasons why:
-Koreans generally speak more english and most of Korean franchises and some restaurant or cafe menus are actually in English – this makes it easy for foreigners to get adjusted. In China, you won’t see much english anywhere.
-It’s marginally safer. I know China is already a pretty safe country, but Korea is even more. For example I could leave my phone at a table anywhere and not have any fear of it being stolen. Scams are *far* less than in China. Did you know that in Korea you could actually live rent free if you lent $100k-$200k to a landlord and get it back after a specified period? It’s called Jeonse. I can’t imagine that system actually working in China – they would take that money for sure.
-I can access all my websites (Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Quora, Instagram etc) without using a VPN, not to mention Korea has faster internet in general
-I don’t need a visa for 6 months (China you can get a 10 year visa but you still have to go to embassy and pay a fee to do it)
-Korea is generally cleaner. Yes I know at night the streets can get dirty but in the morning and daytime usually trash is all cleaned up and there’s no trash cans on the streets at all.
-You have to bring your own toilet paper to the bathrooms in China. That’s annoying. In Korea its just there – just like in Western countries.
-There’s a rating system which means I can see sexual/violent movies or games if I want to. In China all that is censored.
-I can use my foreign credit card! In China they only accept Alipay / Wechat pay (need a Chinese bank account, not possible for foreigner tourists), or Unionpay credit cards. Since all my credit cards are American/Canadian, I can’t use them in China and have to use cash. In Korea, they all work fine.
-I like Korean girls better. I know, some people just outright dismiss Korean girls because of plastic surgery but here’s why you shouldn’t:
Most Korean girls haven’t had surgery (check the stats), they pay alot of attention to their appearance with great fashion sense, feminine outfits (skirts/dresses year round for some), great hygiene (shower twice every day + wax/shave everyday), lasik or contacts instead of glasses and great makeup skills. But that’s just appearance.
I found that a lot of Chinese girls care TOO much about money or career. Korean women don’t ask guys about their salary or job usually, they care about a guy’s personality more. And they are very sweet and loving to their bfs and husbands (some are devoted enough to completely cut off contact with any other guys they know when they are in a relationship).
No nationalistic spiels about how much better their country or they are compared to others either. Not one Korean girl I met has ever bragged about her country or her race, and all of them had positive views of Chinese girls. On the other hand, ask a Chinese girl about Korean girls and you will get very polarized responses.
I don’t have to pay *everything* for a Korean girl; she will usually pay for coffee or buy gifts for me (I even know some girls who insist on paying for dinner); with Chinese girls it doesn’t seem like they ever buy guys anything. Also, no expectations about cooking or housework (Korean guys usually dont do this), and no dowry for the wedding either. See? It goes so much beyond plastic surgery.
But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns with Korea, I admit China has some pros too the biggest of which are:
-Cheap cost of living and
-More diverse cuisine
-Work culture is a lot more lenient. In Korea its not uncommon to work 60+ hour weeks and have to drink with your boss everyday – in China its much more relaxed than this