I’m not making this up I swear

Ok so you know how I lost $560 last month because Paypal kept withdrawing from my bank account without telling me and the bank charged me that amount in NSF fees? Well the whole reason why I added that account to Paypal in the first place was because I couldn’t use my main bank account (TD account).

You see, my TD account is locked into another account that got suspended a long time ago for reasons I dont remember. So, today I had a conversation with an account locking ‘specialist’ from Omaha, NE where Paypal is located (which took me 30 min to get to btw).

So, turns out that they can’t remove my TD account from that account because that account has a negative account balance of $-188. AND it gets better. I can’t pay that balance because I don’t have access to that account because it’s locked. AND they can’t unlock that account for me because it’s a US account and I live in Canada. SO I have to write them a check and send it to them, pay off the negative funds, wait for their phone call to unlock my account, login to my account to remove my TD account, AND FINALLY associate my TD account with my current paypal account.

Man, this is the third account (bank and otherwise) that I’ve had to deal with negative balances. Where does this negative money come from?