If you had a playoffs filled with all time all star NBA teams who would win the championship?i

Ok so personally here would be my all time all star team starters and the seeds:

1st seed: LA Lakers

PG – Magic Johnson 
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Elgin Baylor 
PF – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
C – Shaq
Coach: Pat Riley

2nd seed: Boston Celtics

PG – Bob Cousy
SG – Sam Jones
SF – Larry Bird 
PF – Kevin Garnett 
C – Bill Russell 
Coach: Red Auerbach

3rd seed: Golden State Warriors

PG – Stephen Curry 
SG – Klay Thompson
SF – Rick Barry 
PF – Nate Thurmond
C – Wilt Chamberlain
Coach: Steve Kerr

4th seed: Philadelphia 76ers

PG – Allen Iverson
SG – Hal Greer
SF – Julius Erving
PF – Charles Barkley
C – Moses Malone
Coach: Alex Hannum

5th seed: San Antonio Spurs

PG – Tony Parker
SG – George Gervin
SF – Kawhi Leonard 
PF – Tim Duncan 
C – David Robinson
Coach: Gregg Popovich

6th seed: Chicago Bulls

PG – Derrick Rose
SG – Michael Jordan
SF – Scottie Pippen
PF – Bob Love
C – Artis Gilmore
Coach: Phil Jackson

7th seed: Detroit Pistons

PG – Isiah Thomas 
SG – Joe Dumars
SF – Dave Bing
PF – Dennis Rodman
C – Bob Lanier
Coach: Chuck Daly

8th seed: New York Knicks

PG – Walt Frazier
SG – Earl Monroe
SF – Bernard King
PF – Willis Reed
C – Patrick Ewing
Coach: Red Holzman

I think the Lakers and Celtics will eventually end up battling it out, with the Lakers squeaking the win





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