I lost my YouTube account of 15 years and 21k+ subs

It’s devastating, but Youtube terminated my account (@teezee44) because I got 3 copyright strikes on my account, and any account with 3+ copyright strikes gets terminated/suspended with very little recourse. The reason was because I had uploaded many Eagles guitar covers, and the Eagles are a band that apparently doesn’t even allow covers of their songs on Youtube. Other bands are fine with covers – but not them.

In this case, I wasn’t even singing in the videos but playing an Eagles backing track that was recorded in Guitar Pro. So I got takedown notices for something like that.. which is IMO very unfair. That’s hardly related to the original material. 

Anyways, there’s not much I can do if I don’t have a lawyer or a legal team to contact the Eagles, I tried emailing Universal Music Group (publisher of Eagles songs) but haven’t heard back. It’s unlikely I will hear back. 

So, I’m basically forced to create a new channel. My old channel I’ve had since Feb 2008 and had amassed over 21k+ subs is gone. At the very least I still have most of my 4000+ videos backed up, but I have to re-upload all of them again, and go through the painstaking task of regaining my subscribers, which as any social media person knows, is the hardest platform to get subscribers in (compared to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter etc). It took me 15 years to get that many subs. 

This is my new channel, please subscribe! – http://www.youtube.com/@aznsensation44 



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