Hypothetically if Chris Paul was legitimately traded to the Lakers, would he and Kobe have won a chip?

No. Sorry delusional Kobe fans.

I’ll list the reasons why:

  • In the CP3 trade, they would have lost Gasol and Odom in the trade. These two players were essential to the 2009–2010 championship teams, they provided interior presence and scoring and more importantly they offset Kobe’s bad shooting streaks. Their size is what essentially allowed them to beat teams like the Dwight Magic, Yao Rockets and Big 3 Celtics.
  • Kobe has never been proven to win with other perimeter superstars. We can see that when the Lakers had Eddie Jones on the team and had to be traded away, or when Gary Payton and Steve Nash were on the team suddenly they coincidentally became ‘old’ when they were all-stars the previous season. I wonder how they both became ‘old’ right after they joined Kobe? Kobe has only been proven to win (as the main player) with non ball dominant all-star level bigs.
  • The Western conference was stacked, and the OKC Big 3, Big 3 Spurs, and the eventually the Heatles were all going to be tough matchups for the Lakers. Even if the Kobe/CP3 make the Finals (big if) how are they beating Bron / Wade / Bosh? I just don’t see it. Kobe would have to play out of his mind (he’s only done so in one Finals in his career which was 2009) and Lebron would have to melt down in a historic fashion (he’s only done so in one Finals in his career which was 2011). In addition to this, CP3 has to be perfectly healthy (not a guarantee) as well. And again.. I’m not sure who has the size on the Lakers to guard any of those teams I listed since they traded away their two best bigs so all they have left is Andrew Bynum, (a model of inconsistency). So the perfect storm of circumstances would have to happen for a CP3/Kobe Lakers team to beat the Big 3 Heat (and the OKC big 3 and the big 3 spurs)


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