How would DeMar DeRozan rank as an offensive player and a scorer compared to the rest of the NBA today? Which historical player would you compare him to?

He’s a solid volume scorer that does most of his damage in the midrange. He’s not a great shooter from 3pt though and he’s not a super athletic player and he’s not lightning quick either so I wouldn’t call him offensively versatile, just a very solid midrange scorer who will get you to the 2nd round in the playoffs as your main superstar, but no further than that. However, pair him up with a few other great guys on the team and he can be a solid second or third scoring option on a winning team.

Historically I think he compares the most to a player most young people won’t know about but who just got into the Hall of Fame: Lou Hudson

Similar to Derozan in stats, style of play and accolades, he averages 20/4/4 and a 6x All Star, and was a very solid mid range scorer, however I think at his peak Hudson was more athletic and offensively dominant, but in terms of career and ability, I think he’s roughly comparable to Derozan.