How to download Youtube videos in Mp3, Avi, Wmv, etc

Ever wanted to download a youtube video to your computer and in a format such as mp3, avi, wmv, mpg or any other format?
I’ve used this method of downloading for a while now and I’ve found it more reliable than other sites such as Keepvid which may not work for all URLs. This method works for ALL youtube vids that I’ve tried. Here are the steps.

1): Download Realplayer SP and install it. Make sure you check the ‘download flash’ capability when you install.

2): Go to any Youtube video and hover over the video; there should now appear a ‘Download using Realplayer’ button. So click it to download and Realplayer will save it as a .flv file.

3): Download and install Super C converter. The setup link is at the bottom.

3): Use Super C to convert the flv file to mp3, avi, wmv, or whatever format you want. Done!