How much does it cost to get Jimi Hendrix’s tone?

Because he was a once in a lifetime guitarist, really. He had so much creativity and innovation, like literally one of only 2 guitarists (the other being Eddie Van Halen) that you can say really changed how electric guitar was played. And so while, nobody can really be Jimi Hendrix, there’s no shortage of guitar companies trying to sell you stuff that they claim can get you closer to Hendrix’s tone.

Here’s a few of them:–fender-jimi-hendrix-stratocaster-olympic-white-with-maple-fingerboard

Fender Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat – $1100

This Strat copies the look of Jimi’s famous Woodstock strat and you also get the reverse headstock and reverse bridge as a right handed player.–seymour-duncan-jimi-hendrix-signature-strat-pickup-set-white

Seymour Duncan Hendrix pickups – $300

If you aren’t satisfied with the stock pickups on that Hendrix strat, you can swap them out for a set that Seymour Duncan literally made for Hendrix back in 1968. It’s the exact same specs. However, keep in mind we don’t know how much Hendrix actually used them back then, just that he used them for at least one live gig.–fender-hendrix-voodoo-child-electric-guitar-strings-ball-end-nickel-plated-steel-010-038

Fender Hendrix Voodoo Strings – $7

Apparently these are pure nickel strings accurate to what Hendrix used…–fender-30-foot-hendrix-voodoo-child-cable-purple-straight-to-angled

Fender Hendrix Voodoo Cable – $60

You can also get his famous coiled cables to use as well..–dunlop-jimi-hendrix-guitar-strap-monterey

Dunlop Hendrix guitar strap – $30

You can even buy some straps inspired by Hendrix..–prs-hdrx-20-20-watt-tube-head

PRS Hendrix Amp – $800

While it’s not a Marshall, apparently this PRS amp is inspired by the same Marshall amps that Hendrix used at Woodstock with similar circuitry and tweaks.–dunlop-jhf1-jimi-hendrix-fuzz-face-pedal

Dunlop Hendrix Fuzz Face – $170

Same design, supposedly similar circuits to the famous Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces that Hendrix used.–dunlop-jhms2-authentic-hendrix-68-shrine-series-octavio-fuzz-pedal

Dunlop Octavio Fuzz – $150

This is that octave up effect Hendrix used on some tracks–dunlop-jhms3-authentic-hendrix-68-shrine-series-uni-vibe-chorus-vibrato-pedal

Dunlop Univibe – $150

Similarly, this is the effect Hendrix used on Machine Gun and some of his later tracks–dunlop-jh1d-jimi-hendrix-signature-cry-baby-wah-pedal

Dunlop Hendrix Wah – $170

This is his signature wah, based on the Vox / Thomas Organ Wahs he used.

So yeah, getting Hendrix’s tone using all this gear will cost you just shy of $3000..


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