How many rings would Shaq and Kobe won if they stuck together?

I think we need to do a reassessment of the Shaq-Kobe Lakers. Everyone says they were the most dominant duo in NBA history right?

Well the thing is when most people talk about them being so dominant they are talking mostly about the 2001 Lakers which went 15–1 in the playoffs. That was indeed a dominant team.

But what about the other Shaq-Kobe Lakers? Let’s start from 1999, the year Kobe was promoted to starter.

1999 – swept by Spurs (didnt have Phil)
2000 – almost lost to the Rasheed / Pippen Blazers (needed luck)
2002 – almost lost to the Webber Kings (needed refs help to win)
2003 – lost to one all star Duncan Spurs (Kobe played too much hero ball)
2004 – lost to one all star Pistons (Kobe played too much hero ball)

So 12 rings.. I’m not sure about that. It took them some amount of luck (including notable buzzer beaters by Robert Horry and other players in some games) to get that 3-peat done. But people just assume they cruised their way to a 3-peat which isn’t true.

I doubt that any version of Shaq-Kobe would win 12 rings, but I would say IF Shaq had his 2000–2002 physique AND Phil Jackson was the coach AND Kobe played like 2001 Kobe and not the hero ball 2003 onwards AND they have clutch players like Horry and some luck on their side and refs on their side (like in 2002) then yeah.. they MIGHT win 2–3 more rings together. But see how many conditionals I put there? Those are a lot of ifs.


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