How good was Phoenix Suns point guard Kevin Johnson?

Elite. Hall of Fame level honestly.

I have Kevin Johnson as one of the biggest HoF snubs.

So how good was KJ? He was a 5x All-NBA player who averaged 18/3/9 for his career – his assists average ranks top 6 in NBA history. In his prime he averaged 20+ PPG along with 10+ APG. He was a top 3 PG in the league who was an athletic slasher, very difficult to stop on the drive, and an elite passer and playmaker to boot. I’ve seen him bust up John Stockton routinely and even Allen Iverson told a story of him being humiliated by KJ in his rookie season.

^ One of the greatest dunks I’ve ever seen (that most modern fans forget) is 6′1 KJ dunking over 6′11 Hakeem. That’s right, KJ dunked over a guy 10 inches taller than him, one of the greatest defenders ever to boot.

KJ wasn’t a shooter however, so I’m not sure how well he would fare in the modern NBA, but since he was so hard to stop on the drive he averaged a very efficient 50% FG% for his career. He helped Barkley lead the Suns to an NBA Finals in 1993.

Honestly, this dude should be a hall of famer. If Tim Hardaway made it in recently, then KJ belongs right there with him I think he was every bit as good as Hardaway if not better before his injury.

^ I actually made a video comparing KJ to Hardaway before, check It out


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