How does Nikola Jokic compare to the all-time greats at his position (C)?

It seems that Jokic is following the same trajectory as Giannis. Win 2 MVPs, become recognized as the best player in the world, get lambasted by critics who say you can’t get it done in the playoffs, then prove them all wrong with an amazing playoff run where you win a championship and FMVP.

Now, Jokic hasn’t won the ring or FMVP yet, but he has a very good chance too given that the Heat is likely to be in the Finals and they are an underdog 8th seeded team who is currently just defying all odds. No 8th seed has ever won the championship. Right now it seems the Finals should play out like the 1999 Finals where Duncan’s Spurs thrashed the 8th seeded Cinderella Knicks. A similar thing should happen this year with Jokic’s Nuggets against the 8th seed Cinderella Heat.

So yeah assuming that Jokic wins it all and FMVP, then he’ll have 1 ring, 2 MVPs, 1 FMVP and be arguably the greatest all around offensive center since Wilt Chamberlain. Jokic can shoot from anywhere like Dirk, can also rebound like a traditional big men, and he’s the best passing big men we’ve seen since the days of Wilt, Russell, Walton and Sabonis. Probably even better than them, actually.

So I think just like how Giannis moved up to become a consensus top 3-top 5 PF all time, Jokic will move up to become a consensus top 7-top 8 C all time. The center position is very stacked, so it’s hard to see him moving into the top 5, but he’ll be right around that Moses Malone, David Robinson level. I personally wouldn’t put him past Moses, but Jokic vs David Robinson will be a real debate if Jokic wins it all.


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