Hearthstone: Top 10 best legendaries

My Magic the Gathering top 10 lists have been the most popular articles on my site by far… so here’s one for Hearthstone! (up to the GvG expansion). The top 10 legendaries of all time… if you want some ideas on what to craft, this should be a good place to start.

10. Bloodmage Thalnos
A very cheap legendary, but very effective. Gives you extra spell damage, and replaces itself when it dies. Simple and effective.

9. Kel’Thuzad
The abiltiy to resummon all friendly minions that die every turn is incredible, and with full health and abilities nonetheless!

8. Vol’jin
This is a very powerful card because it can instantly bring any minion down to 2 health, and has a decent amount of power (6) to boot.

7. Sylvanas Windrunner
Her death rattle is a free Mind Control, which is a 10 mana card. You get a 5/5 body with it too. She forces your opponent to play around her, and that’s always a good thing.

6. The Black Knight
This is a sort of meta card, but a lot of decks run minions with taunt. If they do, then this is Assassinate on a stick, and a 4/5 body if you really need it.

5. Lord Jaraxxus
If your warlord deck can fit him, then run him. He’s really that good. If you are ever under 15 health, you turn into this guy, with a hero power that can summon 6/6s, and a 3/8 weapon. That’s insane.

4. Ragnaros the Firelord
One of the strongest minions ever because he does an incredible 8 damage right away before the opponent starts their turn. The opponent can’t do anything about it. And if the opponent doesn’t kill him the next turn, he’s just gonna take 8 damage every turn, which is quite a bit.

3. Tirion Fordring
The best class specific legendary minion in my opinion. Divine Shield and Taunt means the opponent has to waste at least two cards / hero powers on him, and when he does die, you get a 5/3 weapon, which is worth 15 damage. Is that amazing or what?

2. Loatheb
Loatheb is amazing against control decks, which is most of the competitive decks out there. He basically gives you tempo advantage by giving the opponent a turn which they can’t really play many spells. Under the right conditions, this could definitely mean the difference between a loss and a win.

1. Dr. Boom
No competition here. Dr. Boom is so good because he can go in any deck, and always be of value. He’s a 7/7 by himself, and the best thing is that he brings two other guys with him that does damage, which always results in card advantage or wasted resources from your opponent. Those guys do up to 4 damage each, which means in addition to a 7/7, you get 2 1/1s that can deal a possible 10 damage total which is incredible.