Having Confidence and Faith

I think the most important thing in life to have is the motivation, the energy and the drive to achieve your goals and dreams and to have the confidence and faith you need to make the best of yourself. Some people are constantly pessimistic about their surroundings. They think they have nothing to do, nowhere to go. Those people are not driven by anything, they lack a desire to achieve their goals.

For me, this has never been an issue. There are times when I would blank out my thoughts and wonder why I’m her, what I’m doing, etc. But those moments are often brief and I snap out of it. I know that life is 50% your decisions and 50% fate/destiny. It’s up to you to make decisions and fate to follow up with it. I know what to do with my life, in a way my destiny has already been planned out for me. I know what my goals are and how to achieve them. I plan to get into the Commerce program, do well in those courses, graduate with a double major in computer science and commerce, find a decent job (hopefully in the states), go to a business school for an MBA, and then settle down with a high paying executive management job in finance or IT.

You have to believe you can do it and have optimism. There are always obstacles and I find that everything requires some amount of hope, but you have to endeavor to do them. There are some, like my parents, who are content with being where they are with what they have. But oddly I didn’t inherit those traits from my parents (and neither did my brother: he’s the high achiever of the family). I’m not sure where my ambition and intellectual curiosity comes from, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing necessarily. I’m not over-exerting myself, but I’m not going too slow either. I think part of this reason is mentioned before (I anticipate an early death), yet it is also striving for recognition and achievement.

But I’ve always believed that having confidence and determination was/is the key to success. How many successful people didn’t believe in their ability to succeed and were indecisive with their decisions? The right amount of luck depends on your decisiveness and your faith, and I think that’s something that I’ll always live by and strive by.