Happy new years and the start of a fresh decade!

Happy new years everyone! I will not be partying this year since I am working now >_<. But it's a good time to look back on this decade and see what has happened. The 2000s decade was a decade of economic crisis and wars, in contrast to the decade of the 90s, which was peaceful and prosperous. The arguably most influential event of the decade was 9/11. It created whole new protocols for homeland security, gave rise to two wars as well as the war on terror, also gave way to the PATRIOT act and a bunch of other useless conservative measures that infringe on people's freedoms and also gave the Bush administration incentive to detain and torture people. One might wonder how different the decade would have been if Gore won those 537 votes in Florida. I think it always follows a set pattern. After a decade of peace and prosperity, the next decade is always one of war and depression. After the 'Roaring' 1920s, we had the great depression and WWII afterwards. After the conservative 1950s, we had the 1960s which had notable assassinations (JFK, Malcom X, RFK, MLK) and the Vietnam war. And now after the dot com boom of the 1990s, we have the 2000s, a decade full of wars (Iraq, Afghanistan), Natural Disasters (Hurricane Katrina, Asian Tsunami, Sichuan earthquake, Swine flu) and Economic crisis (two recessions; 2001 and 2008-2009). It's hard to predict what the 2010s are going to be like, but I think it will be somewhere in between. Not as prosperous as the 90s and not as disastrous as the 2000s. Personally, which year in this decade has been the best to you? For me, 2006 was the best year of the decade by far. I joined a ton of clubs and extracurricular activities, met alot of people, made alot of friends. I think I had at least 5 different jobs that year. I had a great time at high school graduation + prom night. I had a great time at frosh week in university, I got good marks in first year, I was debt-free, I lived in residence with a cool roommate, I had a cool website with over 1000 users, I turned 18, got to drink, got my driver's license, I was on two different school councils and two sports teams that year, I performed at least 5 times in various venues and coffee houses, it was quite simply a year that I cannot equal again anytime soon. I did more that year than 2007, 2008, 2009 combined. As we are on the verge of the new decade, I think the past is as important to look back on as the future is to look forward to. 🙂