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After much delay, here’s finally a video that has decent tone:

It’s a lovely song by a lovely band. Anyways, I took new pics of my equipment so here it is for all those wondering what my setup is:

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Stratocaster

The Main piece of guitaring equipment is my American 3-color sunburst Fender stratocaster with G&L body, Rosewood neck, Tonerider pure vintage pickups, and I plan to keep this baby for a while.

Ovation GC-28
Ovation GC-28

The secondary piece of equipment, my Ovation GC-28 Acoustic-electric, great for anywhere anytime playing.

Traynor YCV-20
Traynor YCV-20

The main source of tone is the all-tube Class A Traynor YCV-20 20 watt Guitar amp. I have never heard much sweeter sounds come from an amp, but I do need to replace the tubes and speakers as it hasn’t been replaced in 3 years.

That’s it! No pedals anymore because I found a footswitch satisfies for the most part; I seldom used the wah wah and delay anyway. Also, natural overdrive sounds sooo much better than digital distortion.

Next video will be Hotel California; The verse will be played on acoustic and the solo on electric. Coming soon.





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