Goals for graduation


I have set three goals for myself that I want to achieve by the time I graduate. These goals are necessary in order to keep me motivated and thinking. I graduate next year, June 2011, so I hope these goals will be met by that time.

1) Get close to a 3.0 GPA as possible, and graduate on time.

This goal is most important because, otherwise I won’t be able to graduate at all and all my other goals are ruined as well. I am taking 5 courses currently, and doing about average in all of them. Hopefully I can stay afloat with my courses and graduate without issues.

2) Eliminate over 75% of debt, and/or leave only my student loan as debt.

As mentioned in previous posts before,  I am quite in debt. However my stocks have been improving, so hopefully I’ll be able to take some money out soon. It really depends on how well my investments go until then though, but I want to get most of my debt eliminated by the time I graduate. I have about $6000 in student loans, but relatively that’s not that bad, and it also happens to be about 25% of my total debt right now.

3) Secure a job / internship by graduation time.

I’ve been meaning to find a job in the US for a while now, so hopefully I can act on that more next semester and find one before I graduate. There’s all sorts of visa issues I’ll have to deal with once that happens – but I’ll deal with them then. Alternatively, getting an internship position in Asia through AIESEC wouldn’t be bad either.

All three of these goals require hard work and a good amount of luck and fate. I promise to work hard, and ask only that God give me guidance to help light my path. My situations tend to be a bit more complicated than the average person – my life isn’t as simple as I would want it to be, and there’s a lot of factors involved. So for all the troubles I’ve received this year, I can only hope that what goes around comes around, and that next year will be a better year.





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  1. Emily Avatar

    God, the debt after graduation! Man, I wish education was not so expensive!

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