Given his relative lack of team success compared to some other greats, do you think that the NBA made the correct decision in naming the Western Conference championship trophy after Oscar Robertson?

Out of all the championship trophys named, I think Oscar is definitely the oddest. First of all, I’m not sure why the NBA suddenly came out with trophys for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals – guys like Sidney Moncrief, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash and many others would certainly have more recognition than they do if these trophies existed back then.

But ok Bird and Magic getting trophies named after them is pretty non controversial, they are two of the most well known, influential and popular players. Bob Cousy getting his name on the EC trophy is a bit surprising but I do think he needs more respect – he’s probably the most disrespected 6x champion I’ve ever seen. JJ Reddick and modern fans made fun of Cousy all the time for playing in an ‘older’ era and that’s not fair to him. I would also not have been opposed to naming the EC trophy after Dr J though – Dr J dominated the East for much of his career as well and is a highly influential player too.

Oscar though is the weirdest to me. Oscar only played in the Western conference for 4 years out of his career. During those 4 years when he was on the Bucks, he wasn’t the best player on the team – Kareem was. So.. why is the WC trophy named after Oscar and not Kareem? Kareem played in the Western conference his entire career and dominated it for 20 years. It makes much more sense to name the trophy after Kareem, not Oscar. I understand Oscar is a legendary and influential player… but then so is Kareem as well so.. I don’t get it.





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