Gadget update (Dec 2016)

End of the year tech update, these are the tech I have when I finally get back to SF from Korea.


Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga (2016) – replaced 2015 ThinkPad Yoga 14

This is my main laptop now. A light, convertible laptop, weighs only 2.8lbs (substantially lighter than the Yoga 14 which I previously had), docks with a one link dock connector and wireless dock, has that traditional Thinkpad robust build quality and great trackpoint keyboard, and is convertible which means I can watch movies in 4 different modes, and comes with a gorgeous 1440p OLED screen to boot. Just perfect. It replaces my Thinkpad Yoga 14.

Alienware 15 R3 (2016) – replaced 2011 HP Envy Beats 14

This is my main gaming and entertainment computer now, replacing my aging HP Envy Beats 14. I decided I wanted a 15 inch because of its lightness and portability, yet its still powerful enough to have a GTX 1070, power my Oculus Rift (VR ready), hooks up to my external monitor, plays all the latest games, and looks great at home on a laptop stand.

Macbook Mini (2012) – replaced 2012 MacBook Pro 13
My main multimedia / programming computer.

Asus G751 (2015)
My Asus stays as my main workstation computer, mostly for editing videos.

Dell Latitude 7370replaced 2016 Vaio S
My replacement for my Vaio S and Thinkpad X240 as a travel laptop. Amazingly, even though its 13″ and my X240 was 12″, its over a pound lighter!! Of course the battery life isn’t as good, but it is lighter and slimmer, and just as good for travel. The Vaio S is slightly lighter and has a more powerful processor, but the display isn’t as good, and the footprint is bigger due to the 13″ screen (the Dell has an InfinityEdge display which only takes up space equivalent of a 12″ laptop).

iPad Air (2013)

The iPad Air is my go to tablet for surfing, gaming, music or reading. Has been since 2013.

iPhone SE (2016) – replaced 2013 iPhone 5S

The iPhone SE is my main camera and video recorder, which I use on occasion to record videos, mainly because my model is a 64GB one that can store more videos. Plus love the small size which is what cameraphones should be! light and small. It replaces my aging iPhone 5S. Its also my secondary phone.

Google Pixel (2016) – replaced 2014 Sony Xperia Z3C
The Google Pixel is my main phone now. It has a great camera as well, and is generally just a fast and capable phone all around. It replaces my Kyocera Duraforce Pro and Sony Xperia Z3C as my main Android device.

Pioneer XDP-1000 (2015)

Since I don’t need a Korea phone anymore, the Pioneer acts as my main music/video player, with hi-res capabilities and a whopping 2 expandable slots for a lot of storage.

Huawei Watch (2016) – replaces 2012 Seiko Kinetic, 2016 Orient Sun&Moon

Now with the Android Wear 2 update, Huawei watch is awesome and is definitely my main watch now. It replaces my Seiko Kinetic (quartz) and Orient Sun & Moon (mechanical) which I used before.


Fender FXA3 (2016) – replaced 2015 Master&Dynamic ME03

These have replaced my Master&Dynamic ME03s as my travel/in ear headphones.

Denon Music Master MM400 (2016) – replaced 2014 Sennheiser Momentum

Absolutely the best over ear headphones I’ve ever had, these now have replaced my Sennheiser Momentums which were falling apart as well.

Creative Soundblaster Roar 2 (2015) – replaced 2013 Bose Soundlink Mini

These have replaced my Bose Soundlink Mini as my new portable speaker, sounds great and comes with a variety of features like mp3 player, voice recorder, USB DAC etc

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (2016) – replaced 2015 Creative T4Ws

Absolutely fantastic computer speakers. The bass and overall sound quality is fantastic. Replaces my non-functioning Creative T4Ws which shorted out :(.


Nikon D5100 (2013)
My DSLR camera for serious video making. I usually pair it with my Samyang T1.5 24mm cinema prime lens.

Sony Music Video Recorder (2014)
This camera is mainly used for casual recording video blogs, music videos and video reviews. Basically my youtube camera now.

Sony HDRAS300 (2016) – replaced 2014 GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
My camera for action shots like biking, scooter, hiking, swimming, etc replaces my old GoPro 3+ Silver; this one has optical image stabilization which is a big help for recording action videos.

DJI OSMO Plus (2016) – replaced 2015 DJI Osmo
My go to camera for taking cinematic walking shots, travel video, and completely replaces any camcorder. The Plus model now has optical zoom capabilities with it too.

DJI Mavic Pro (2016) – replaced 2015 DJI Phantom 3
My new DJI Drone has slightly less wider field of view than my old Phantom 3, but makes up for it by being more portable and having similar image quality

Btw.. I recorded a tour of my apartment finally.. here it is