Extremely busy times + Netflix documentary dropped!

I haven’t had much time to update because I have been extremely busy with work during the weekdays and on the weekends I usually have to finish outstanding Youtube videos. 

The recent Netflix documentary called Trust No One has dropped: https://www.netflix.com/title/81349029  

And since I starred in it, I’m getting bombarded with questions and sympathetic comments from people all over the world. It’s kind of crazy, I guess when I was interviewed and shot the film, I thought it was just going to be a random film buried in people’s Netflix feeds, but no, it turned out be #1 in quite a few countries.

No 1

I never expected it to be this popular, and it’s been kinda crazy since as I have many people asking me questions about if I got the money back, if I got paid, if I think Gerry’s truly dead etc

So these questions are all answered on my latest Youtube update…

Personally I felt the documentary went with the conspiracy route a bit too heavily and left out a lot of details about how the law enforcement and Canadian government were involved too. 


Also there’s another documentary I was involved in last year called Dead Man’s Switch which I consider complimentary to Trust No One and a good watch as well.

in addition, I want to promote a crypto coin that I’ve been endorsing called Crypto King Inu 

This coin is basically a charity token; usage of this coin will go towards a fund that benefits victims of crypto scams, including QuadrigaCX victims like myself. In addition, 10% of the supply is donated to Ukraine. So I think this is a very good project to back, and I hope people can get behind this coin. No, it is not a scam. It is not just an investment but showing that you truly care about victims of crypto scams and rug pulls, which happen quite often in the crypto world. I’m glad I became a sort of ‘unofficial’ spokesperson for crypto scam victims, many of whom do not have a voice to speak out about what happened to them.  





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