End of the term


I’ve now concluded my internship at Environment Canada.

How do I feel about it? I think I’ve learned alot now that I’ve actually had some hands on time to apply my knowledge in the real world. However, I realized not alot of what I learned in university were applicable. There’s alot of theory in school such as turing machines, algorithm runtime, minimizing truncation error or catastrophic cancellation, stuff that in the real world doesn’t really come into play. Yes, there are alot of design patterns used and using SAX instead of DOM to parse large XMLs saves alot of resources. But never did I use anything that involved Finite State Automatons, Context free grammars or NP-complete problems.

Overall, I felt that it was a good time for me to mature as a computer programmer. I did meet alot of new people, made new friends, and learned new things. Details of my work can be found here. Now, back to school again… sigh.

To-do List

My to-do list has gotten shorter! here it is now.

Need to keep track of things…


-Pay off tuition

-Get accepted into ECO major

-Find potential buyers for my car and sell it for decent price

-PEY Evaluation

-Get accepted into the capstone design course

-Get into waitlisted ECO courses

-Eliminate 75%+ of my debt


-Allow users to feature videos and submit their own related links to blogs, videos, articles, etc

-Add mobile phone support

-Do more SEO on it

-Add fb/twitter connect for login

-Wikipedia, Twitter, Blogger, Stack overflow, Google latitude content aggregation

-Procuring investment capital for hiring

-Assessing and developing more cohesive business plan to present to investors

-Finding source of advertisement and promotion

-Consolidate domain names into one dedicated server and one shared (dedicated for video,shared for blog)

Starcraft 2

I found there’s strengths and weaknesses to pooling resources. In a 4v4 match, we have one guy who just expands and gives the other 3 resources. This saves the time needed for that guy to research/build buildings so that the other 3 guys can pump out units much faster than the other team. Since resource trading is disabled for 5 min, this build is susceptible to early rushes and cheese. However I compiled a graph of army strength of the latest game in which our team won:

Pool vs Non Pool resources
Pool vs Non Pool resources

Notice how they have the advantage of army up until the 7-8 min mark. Then we (the pooled team) started beating them in terms of resources and army. There’s an anomaly where at the very end their army is increasing much higher than ours. I suspect its because at the end of the game, we weren’t building anymore units (we had enough) and they were desperately pumping out units to try and defend, and because I counted units lost in the graph, hence the spike up. In short though, I think it could be a good strategy if your opponent is trying to build up, and you are quickly expanding with your other player and pumping out guys non stop. Another thing to note: their team had at least one expansion each, if they didn’t expand as fast, our resource and army advantage would be higher still.


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