Does Western media fairly report the news in China?

No, but Chinese media doesn’t fairly report the news in Western countries either, so it goes both ways. There’s a series of finger pointing by Chinese people and American people each accusing the other of being brainwashed. Truth is there is no neutral media out there, a media, whether owned by the government like in China or owned by corporations like the West, all have their own agendas. They all put their own spin on the news to control their people via propaganda. That each side likes to accuse the other of being brainwashed is in fact, a sign of being brainwashed themselves. They aren’t being open minded to what the true purpose of media really is.

Also I have to say another point, which is that Westerners are not as uniformly ‘brainwashed’ as Chinese people think; if you look on Quora you’ll find many answers by Westerners who praise China, many Westerners who dislike their own country and/or head of their country (in particular Trump, which you’ll find that *some of the most upvoted answers in the US Politics section are negative towards Trump*). In contrast, you will never find any Chinese on here criticizing their country or Xi Jinping. Never.

‘Fake News’ Fears: 95% of Americans ‘Troubled’ by Current State of Media, Poll Finds In fact how can Westerners all be “brainwashed” by the media when the vast majority of them don’t even believe their own media?

As for biased Chinese news, here is one example ‘A cop said I was famous’: China accuses foreigners in Hong Kong of being ‘agents’ where Chinese state media accused foreigners who were just regular people trying to live their daily lives and just happened to be at a protest site when images were taken – of being Western agents.

Chinese people, please tell me: why do you think that Chinese media is fair and unbiased when it is controlled directly by the government? Said government obviously has incentives to twist the media so that Chinese people can act in the benefit of China; i.e being anti-Western, boycott goods etc to uplift the Chinese economy and take down opposing economies.