Does South Korea not have sexual discrimination laws?

It’s improving. The #MeToo movement has been gaining a lot of traction in Korea, a country that sorely needs it.

With regards to workplace laws though, I think Korea has a long ways to go to match up to the West. Here’s what I would change:

-Ban the use of photos in CVs/resumes, because this leads to discrimination based on appearance

-Ban asking personal questions like “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” “Are you married or having babies soon?” etc

-Force companies to pay overtime. This will help decrease the number of hours employees are forced to work beyond the usual 40 per week. The 40 hours per week is already a law, but widely unenforced, but by forcing companies to pay workers more it will discourage it.

-Give companies incentives or make them pay fines for discriminating against women in things like promotion etc this will help pave the way for more women executives

-Ban ageism in the workplace. There is a strict hierarchy in Korea where the younger workers have to be subservient to the older workers. Make promotion based on merit rather than age and experience.

-Often times Koreans are forced to drink after work with their boss. I would propose a law to make this part of ‘work’ completely optional and make it illegal to fire someone if they refused to go to these drink events.

That’s what I would do if I was the new South Korean labor minister