Does Lebron James take PEDs?

No, it’s another one of those hater myths.

^ The evidence for Lebron taking PEDs seems to be that Lebron was skinny when he was younger and now he’s buff and built like this. Can’t be normal right?

There’s a few key reasons why it’s more plausible that Lebron didn’t take PEDs and here is why:

1) Lebron is a genetic freak of nature, his body isn’t like ‘normal’ people so the fact that he went from skinny to built so fast is a byproduct of him winning the genetic lottery not because he was taking PEDs

2) The NBA has a harsh stance on drugs, particularly since the Len Bias death in 1986. We’ve seen a few NBA players banned from the NBA because of drugs, a couple of them all-stars: Mike Mitchell (this ban destroyed a promising Rockets team), Micheal Ray Richardson, OJ Mayo and many others.

3) We’ve seen other players go from skinny to ripped before.

Wilt in university:

Wilt on the Lakers:

Giannis as a rookie:

Giannis now: why is it so unbelievable to some people that Lebron could be genetic freaks like these guys? No.. it must have been drugs right??

4) No one has evidence of Lebron doing PEDs.

It’s another myth perpetuated by the legion of haters that seem to have one goal in life and that is to hate on Lebron everyday. I know twitter accounts, fb pages and reddit accounts that solely exist to spread lies and misinformation about him, which is why this is even a rumor to begin with.


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