Do you think there will ever be someone to get more NBA rings than Bill Russell?

Nope, fun fact – Bill Russell has the most championships (11) out of ANY player in a major league sport. That’s right. Russell has more rings than Babe Ruth’s World Series titles, Tom Brady’s super bowl wins, Wayne Gretzky’s Stanley Cups, Pele’s World Cups etc he’s the biggest winner in pro sports history. Russell even has 2 NCAA titles so even counting college its hard to beat him (only Kareem has more at 3 NCAA titles). Outside of the 60s Celtics, the most rings a modern day player has is 7 (Robert Horry).

As an answer below said, coaches can have more rings i.e Phil Jackson but that’s because they don’t play, which means they can coach for many many years. As a player, its not possible due to how the league has expanded, more competition etc





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