Do you think LeBron James is underrated by fans and media? If so, why?

I’d say he’s properly rated by the media, but underrated by fans because he gets overhated on.

He’s easily the most hated athlete online, and lots of people on social media basically make a living off of hating on him.

For example.. just going off of what I saw on social media, easily the most liked posts are the ones that are making fun of Lebron. These two posts I just saw today have a combined 100k likes. All they are is cherry picking some image of Lebron to make him look silly, and then cherry picking images for Jordan/Kobe to make them look better. That’s it. No analysis being done or any actual logical comparison. It’s just some dumb memes meant to make Lebron look bad.

So this is the problem with NBA fans, most of them are uneducated honestly, don’t have the attention span to actually read posts analyzing anything and are easily misled by things like quotes or images. So what haters can do is easily brainwash them into believing false Lebron narratives (i.e he’s a stat padder, he isn’t clutch, he’s afraid of the moment), or always bringing up his worst moments (2011 Finals, outscored by Terry) or eliminating context and focusing on the end result (Ray Allen/Kyrie Irving saved his legacy, 4–6 in the Finals etc). They make up stupid childish words like ‘Lebum’ and ‘Bronsexual’, talk about ‘mickey mouse ring’ and some dumb stuff like that. They count the number of all stars Lebron played with without giving any context of whether or not they were actually healthy or in their prime, they make Bosh and Love out to be some kind of superstar to make it look like Lebron had so much help (when in reality Bosh and Love never did anything superstar level in the playoffs), They never bring up Lebron’s best moments of course or all the quotes that other basketball players say praising Lebron.

For example, here’s a quote Allen Iverson said about Lebron:

“LeBron, I think, to me is the best overall basketball player that we’ll ever see. If you look in the dictionary and look up basketball player, there’ll be a picture of LeBron…..But LeBron is just everything that you want in a basketball player. He’s a total package. He’s God’s gift to the basketball world.”

You will never hear this post spread online. Instead, you hear some Larry Bird quote from a 2012 interview taken out of context saying how he’d ‘rather play with Kobe’ or a Jordan quote from 2013 saying how ‘Kobe is the only person that can beat me 1 on 1’ and that gets spread everywhere.

Like.. imagine if this was being done for Jordan and Kobe. Imagine if nobody ever talked about Jordan’s 63 points in the playoffs or Kobe’s 81 points and instead just focused on their worst performances like Games 4–6 of Jordan’s 1996 Finals oh he was outscored by Shawn kemp. Or Kobe’s 2004 Finals oh he was locked up by Tayshaun Prince. Imagine if that’s the only thing people brought up about them. And then they make some memes with Kobe and Jordan and cherry pick the images and stats to make them look bad and then cherry pick Lebron’s best moments and best images and post them. Imagine if people did that to them. That’s what they do to Lebron. That’s why Lebron is ultimately underrated by the typical casual fanbase is because you see nonstop biased posts against Lebron everyday from haters which brainwashes uneducated NBA fans to think Lebron is overrated or not that good.


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